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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling that can generate intense discomfort and agitation. Anxiety is not specific to a certain situation like speaking in front of people or seeing spiders the difference is anxiety can attack an individual at any moment. A person who suffers with anxiety can live life with a nervous feeling all the time.
Anxiety has many symptoms; nausea, vomiting, anxiety attacks, difficultly breathing, on set of asthma attacks, dizziness, twitching, hyperventilating, shaking etc… Every individual will respond differently to their anxiety.
There is not a clear cut answer as to why people suffer with anxiety but scientist’s suggest that anxiety is closely related to life’s experiences, genetics and brain chemistry.

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Articles Associated with Anxiety

Anxiety Toolbox
This practical book with FREE CD offers you the tools to combat unwanted anxiety.Isbn-0-00-717022-x Thorsens element
Conquering Stress
Learn how you can quickly and permanently be free from anxiety, depression and stress with a revolutionary, simple-to-follow program that will free you from stress forever. No Drugs – No Potions – No Hypnotherapy – No Affirmations. Wholly Natural Method and 100% GUARANTEED. You will feel calmer, happier
Hypnosis CD vol 49 - fear and panic free
 Hypnosis CD vol 49 fear and panic freeThis very powerful CD is formatted to help break habitual fear patterns, minimise anxiety and alleviate panic attacks.
Hypnosis vol 51 - PTSD and anxiety free
 Hypnosis vol 51 - PTSD and anxiety freeThis very powerful CD is formatted to help in minimising the negative emotional effects of anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Anxiety CD Program or MP3 download
This hypnosis anxiety audio program should be a considered treatment option for those sufferering with anxiety. It is a comprehensive method using hypnosis (which is relaxation, creative imagery and suggestion) to aid the release of anxiety and to increase relaxation, confidence and wellbeing.Learn about our resource libraries, familiariety tracks, its structure
Chronic Pain 110 CD or MP3 download
This chronic pain hypnosis programme is designed to help the chronic pain sufferer by using hypnotherapy, relaxation, imagery and the spoken word. Available on CD or MP3 download. Chronic pain mangement is collaborative, communication between patients and various specialists, and yet sometimes we have to keep looking for
Emotional Renewal 110 CD or MP3 download
Consisting of 4 CDs comprising 11 interlinked tracks + listening schedule using relaxation, hypnosis, suggestion and imagery, this major recording has been developed through years of experience of working with people in and through emotional recovery. All tracks have been used successfully with clients and patients in aiding
Towards Inner Peace CD or MP3 download
Hypnosis Audio program containg 2 CD Set ~ 6 Tracks + Accompanying listening Schedule. Over 140 minutes of structured recording time. Produced after many requests from users of Michaels other titles mainly the IBS Audio Program 100, although it is a standalone title in its own right. 'Towards Inner
IBS Audio Program 100 on CD or MP3
A self help home use hypnosis audio program specifically designed for Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS sufferers. Contains 3 CDs, listening schedule, progress log, FAQ plus bonus CD 'IBS Companion'. This program is currently used in 39 countries. We have been helping IBS sufferers and partners with proven methods and
Emotional recovery after breast cancer CD or mp3 download
This breast cancer care CD is not an alternative but rather a complementary treatment option widely acknowledged as a useful avenue of treatment and information after breast cancer. It is an inspirational CD recording and mp3 download which is currently being used or recommended in over 100 English
Jin Shin Do®:Bodymind Acupressure® books
JIN SHIN DO®:BODYMIND ACUPRESSURE® BOOKS AND BOOKLETSThe Joy of Feeling: Bodymind Acupressure by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden (364 page book, 1987, 2003; JSDF) $34.00The same classic book about the bodymind connection, with a beautiful NEW COVER (painting of the "5 Lands" on p. 64). Replete with case stories. Integrates
Zen Physio - Massage Relief
  The Zen PhysioThe Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager is the "professional’s choice" and is now available to you in your home.The Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager is so effective that it is used, and recommended, by massage therapists and sports injury therapists around the world. Use this
doTERRA Basil Essential Oil
doTERRA Basil - Ocimum basilicum 15 ml Basil is valued for many different things. It is well known for its restorative effects; basil is also commonly used for its calming properties. It also provides great benefits to both the body and the mind, and helps reduce tension
Ambient Sounds mp3 Audio
      Ambient sounds such as the sounds of Mother Nature are now regarded as effective healing tools that can relax and calm us enabling us to rest and refresh our minds. These tools have been used by clients suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia and have been found to
5HTP Caplets - High Grade Supplement
5HTP - 5HTP Supplement Silvertown Health 5HTP 100mg (60 Caplets) 5HTP is produced from L-tryptophan a natural amino acid . 5HTP is now seen to have a key role in serotonin production for the brain.Serotonin is said to influence sleep , emotions and mood. Correct levels of serotonin
Presenting Magically
Presenting Magically consists of 6 Audio CD's and 4 DVD's.  It was professionally recorded before a live studio audience.  You get to listen along to the entire training, watch all of David's demonstrations on DVD, do all the exercises and listen in on the Students Live Question and
Art & Science of EFT - ebook & MP3s
    Art & Science of EFT - ebook & MP3sAnanga Sivyer's Highly Acclaimed Emotional Freedom Techniques Ebook. Fully Illustrated, And With Bonus Quick Start MP3s. (A thorough and accessible course in EFT. We knew and liked this material before it became an ebook and it is even better
Psychotherapy and Consulting
PSYCHOTHERAPY SERVICES OFFERED: Adults, Adolescents, Children IndividualsCouplesFamiliesBrief to Long-term TherapyExpert Witness ConsultationCritical Incident Stress DebriefingCONSULTING SERVICES OFFERED: Corporate & Organizational ConsultingExecutive CoachingSPECIALIZATIONS:DepressionAnxietyStressRelationshipsSelf-Esteem, Insecurity, EmpowermentLife TransitionsAddictions Substances (alcohol, pot, marijuana, cocaine, party drugs, etc.)Behaviors Sex addictions Compulsive sexOnline pornComputer addictions - all kindsGamblingSpending, shoppingFood, EatingTrauma/PTSD Victims of Violent CrimeRapeDomestic ViolenceAdults
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