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What is Depression?

Most people have had times in their lives when they have felt unhappy but depression is a feeling of sadness that comes with greater force and can last for a long time. Depression can consume a person and has many undesirable side effects; significant weight gain or weight loss, social seclusion, loss of energy, fatigue, impaired concentration, feelings of worthlessness, trouble sleeping, thoughts of death or committing suicide.

Depression can affect each person differently. There are several ways to help relive the symptoms. There are natural and medical means that have been proven to be very useful in helping people deal with and overcome the harsh side effects of depression.

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Articles Associated with Depression

Clutter Clearing & Space Clearing
Clutter Clearing distance-learning course Amazingly helpful course which gets you started on making space in your home or workplace, simplifying your life and improving your health. You don't clear out the stuff you like, only the things that you no longer like, need or want. People reflect the energy around them because
Certificate in Counselling Skills
UK College of Holistic Training Introductory Certificate in Counselling Skills (distance learning)Suggested study time: 1 to 3 monthsCost: £135.00 (135 Pounds Sterling )A FREE textbook will be included for students from the UK. Students outside the UK will need to pay extra for the textbook and postage.This is
Advanced Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis)
Advanced Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis)Revised syllabus - lower tuition feeThis is a distance learning course for experienced and qualified hypnotherapists who work with, or would like to study, in-depth techniques of hypnoanalysis and other related techniques.  A similar Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is available.Analytical hypnotherapy is
Meditation distance-learning course Meditation is a whole-body tonic that improves health and well-being. It is often recommended by doctors to help prevent and treat many health problems, especially stress-related.  Meditation provides a short break from the daily routine and gets us feeling refreshed, energised and calm. We also gain a fresh perspective on life
Certificate in Family Therapy Studies
This certificate course provides a comprehensive overview of family therapy theory and methods of practice. The certificate also includes a section on research findings on effectiveness. Major schools of family therapy and introduced, their methods explained and their work evaluated, leading to an integrated model of how family
Certificate in Psychiatric Drugs Awareness
CERTIFICATE IN PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS AWARENESS This course explains what types of psychiatric drugs may be prescribed for different mental health disorders, the risks versus benefits of the medication, and how patients cope with different drug regimes. Brief up-to-date details are given of each disorder so this unit also
How to Lift Depression Quickly
Treating depressed people can be a depressing business if you don't know how to get them feeling better quickly. Take our clarifying online depression treatment course and enjoy treating your next depressed client. What if we could show you a way to reliably lift depression in 95% of
Diploma in Stress Management with Counselling Skills
This Diploma combines two diplomas we have been running for years into one course: the full syllabus of our Diploma in Stress Management and Relaxation course plus the full syllabus of our Certificate in Counselling Skills course. The advantages of taking this combined course are:
Colour & Well-Being
Colour & Well-Being distance-learning course Colours are always with us.  Although we don't think about them as we go about our daily life, they are constantly affecting our body and mind. Learn how to use colours cleverly to uplift your mood, and improve your health and energy levels.  Our awareness of colour is
  Discover Why Water Is the Most Important Ingredient in Your Diet and Find Out Which Water Is Right for You. Water makes up 67% of our body weight. A 2% decrease results in fatigue.A 10% drop causes significant problems. This is why water plays an
Breaking the patterns of depression
 Breaking the patterns of depressionDepression expert Yapko presents a book that will help put depression in perspective and equip sufferers with the skills and knowledge to heal themselves of this modern plague.
Conquering Stress
Learn how you can quickly and permanently be free from anxiety, depression and stress with a revolutionary, simple-to-follow program that will free you from stress forever. No Drugs – No Potions – No Hypnotherapy – No Affirmations. Wholly Natural Method and 100% GUARANTEED. You will feel calmer, happier
Hypnosis CD vol 44 - cancer
 Hypnosis CD vol 44 - cancerThis very powerful CD is formatted to relieve symptoms of Cancer, including Pain, Nausea, Depression and Medication side
Hypnosis CD vol 5 - happiness and self esteem
 Hypnosis CD vol 5 - happiness and self esteemOvercome the scourge of depression or panic attacks and learn how to rapidly regain your self confidence, personal happiness, and self
Hypnosis vol 52 - loss, grief and depression
 Hypnosis vol 52 - loss, grief and depressionThis very powerful CD is formatted to help in minimising the negative emotional effects of loss, grief and depression.
Post Natal Depression CD or MP3 download
A descriptive audio explaining the difference between baby blues and Post Natal Depression. It Includes information about the difference in BB and Post Natal Depression and explains to the sufferer that they are not alone, (although they may feel like they are) and where help is available from,
Basalt Hot Stone Set
  Whether you are a qualified Hot Stone Massage Therapist or venturing in to training, this product is essential for your treatment. We use only the best basalt stones which we have imported from America.  Basalt stones are the most abundant igneous rock   
Ambient Sounds mp3 Audio
      Ambient sounds such as the sounds of Mother Nature are now regarded as effective healing tools that can relax and calm us enabling us to rest and refresh our minds. These tools have been used by clients suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia and have been found to
Pax Vita - Acupressure Mat
Pax Vita - Acupressure Mat for Effective Acupressure Treatment  Acupressure treatment has been used worldwide for centuries as a natural health aid for various health complaints. Acupressure therapy puts pressure on specific pressure points in our body to help stimulate and release blocked energy in these important pressure