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Antidepressants Strongly Linked to Heart Disease

Researchers have documented an alarming link between the use of antidepressants and the development of serious heart disease. The link was discovered by following 63,449 women as part of the Nurses’ Health Study.

Information on Generic Lexapro

Generic Lexapro (Escitalopram) is an antidepressant used for treating depressions. Generic Lexapro also causes some side effects mostly minor ones and few may have intense effects, which must be reported to the doctor immediately.

Emotions surrounding Pet Loss are so often Misunderstood.

Have you heard the reaction 'It's only a pet..' when someone's pet has died and they are suffering an extreme reaction? This is particularly hard at Christmas .

My Headaches were debilitating - all I wanted to do was thrash out

‘My Headaches were debilitating...all I wanted to do was thrash out'In May 2007 having had 2 brain tumours removed Trudy commenced a series of 16 RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Sessions with its founder Michael Cohen at his London Clinic.

‘I sit on the bus and look for vantage points to jump from’

Sarah*, a client who was diagnosed with Clinical Bi-Polar Depression turned round during her RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Treatment session and said:"There was something small I forgot to mention.

Is Brain Surgery the Cure for Depression?

Is this the solution? Ask yourself, should brain surgery be used on non-life threatening illnesses? Surely it is imperative that all non-invasive options must be considered in the first instance.

Low Self Esteem- I think I have it but what can I do?

Low or poor self esteem is a term given to the state of being which can actually be pretty hard to describe, let alone understand. As in the case of ‘depression' the phrase ‘low self esteem' is used to describe the underlying cause of a range of observable behaviours.

Overcoming Acute Anxiety & Depression with Bioenergy Healing

When Brenda* walked through the door of the Bioenergy Healing Clinic in August 2007 she was shaking from the tremor that engulfed her entire body.

Relationships- Why do I feel such anxiety around other people?

Almost everything we do in life involves relationships of one kind or another. Whether it is dealing with the local supermarket checkout assistant, bringing up children, interacting with colleagues in the workplace or talking to your child's teacher at Parents' Evening.

Personality can hide depression

According to a research published online by the journal International Psychogeriatrics a person's personality can hide the common symptoms of depression.

Overcoming Debilitating Depression with Bioenergy Healing

The statistics for mental health problems in the UK are alarming. 300 people out of 1,000 will experience mental health problems this year in Britain, of which mixed anxiety & depression is the most common[1].

Eliminate Negativity

Do you know someone who is always moaning about all the rotten things that happen to them or how they are always sick? Perhaps you are that person.

Positive Thoughts = Happiness

Happiness is experienced by those who want it and that want begins as a floating thought. A positive thought. It is your job to embrace that thought and allow it to fill your life and transform it.

Primary Treatment of Depression

The first step to receive appropriate therapy for depression is a medical screening. Some drugs and some illnesses, eg infections vital, can provokethe same symptoms as depression.

Defeating Depression - releasing the pain body

Defeating Depression - releasing the pain body It is commonly stated that depression affects 15% of the population in some shape or form.

Get Rid of Your Anxiety, Depression, Seizure With Lyrica Generic Pregabalin

Lyrica  - Generic Pregabalin - is an anti-epileptic drug, also called an anticonvulsant, which slows down the impulses in the brain from which seizures originate.

New Science Questions Theory of Antidepressant Drugs

Eva Redei, David Lawrence Stein Professor of Psychiatry at Northwestern's Feinberg School, has presented a study that throws a monkey wrench in the scientific rationale that is used to justify giving out antidepressant medication.

ADHD Linked to Early Life Instability & Sleep Problems

A new Canadian study analyzes the sleep habits from children age 1.5 to 5 years looking for an association between sleep problems and the development of ADHD.

Causes of Adult Depression and Its Treatment

Depression is worryingly common in adults. It can occur at three different levels: mild depression, moderate depression and severe depression.

Depression and Grinding Teeth: Is there a link

Much has been said, written and preached about depression. Much research and analysis were made in this regard. Some people experience it is a stage where one feels like a black curtain of despair hidden throughout their lives.

Cold Weather Mood Shock: Avoid the Winter Blues

This year's deep freeze sets the stage for a long and potentially difficult winter. On the eating side, the cold triggers "hibernation metabolism" and the desire to eat more sweet food.

All About Beautiful Worldwide City-Traveling

     Our modern world is something very fantastic, when you look at all the travel opportunities we have and all these many ways to ride.

What Do You Know About Health And Happiness

     Let us first find out, what does it actually mean, when we    say 'happiness" and "health".

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Prevent Serious Mental Health Problems

The use of atypical anti-psychotic medication to treat and prevent serious mental health problems such as schizophrenia is barbaric and causes severe adverse health effects including sexual dysfunction, obesity, and diabetes.

How To Handle A Family

      Overall is the daily living with others in a family, with friends, grant parents, babies and pets a very pleasureful happening, and is for sure worth all the good efforts of every single individual, making it better and more playful for all the others living there.

Combating the Blues

We all feel blue at times. Sometimes it hits us without any warning and for no reason at all, At other times, something happens which makes us so unhappy we can't function properly.

Reduce stress and combat depression in just 10 minutes

Reduce stress and combat depression in just 10 minutesWould you like to take just 10 minutes out of your day to do a simple breathing technique and see big results?Just 10 minutes is all you need for you to feel refreshed and invigorated.

Helping to Prevent Postpartum Depression: The Deep Need for a Comprehensive, High Potency Postnatal Vitamin System for all Postpartum Women

Throughout the past 33 years in private practice, hundreds of women have told me they felt that their current health problems started soon after the birth of their child.

Things That Drag You Into Depression

A depressed state of mind is never something that you would like to be apart of your life. There are many situations that compel man to get into depression.

Fish Oil in the Battle Against Depression & Cognitive Decline

Three new human studies add to an impressive body of research regarding the value of EPA- and DHA-containing fish oil for mental health and cognitive function.

Headaches in teens

Headaches in teens tied to overweight, smoking and lack of exerciseTeens who are overweight, get little exercise or who smoke may be more likely to have frequent headaches and migraines than teens with none of these factors, according to a study published in the online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.

Hair, link between stress & heart attack

Hair provides proof of the link between chronic stress and heart attackResearchers at The University of Western Ontario have provided the first direct evidence using a biological marker, to show chronic stress plays an important role in heart attacks.

New research altering genes could be the answer to reversing depression

A specific gene; p11 is unlocking the doors to understanding depression. Researchers from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center suggest in an article published in Science Translational Journal, October 20 issue that by restoring the gene p11 depression characteristics and behavior could be eliminated.

Born in the winter? You might be subject to neurological disorders.

There are many negative reasons why winter babies are not popular; it's cold, more chance of illness, lots of holidays to compete with etc.

How to Avoid the affects of SAD…

SAD the acronym for Seasonal Affective Disorder is a disposition developed during the winter months in response to less light and dreary weather.

Light therapy and Pregnancy

Light therapy has helped many people suffering with seasonal depression and now there is hope that it can have positive results on pregnant women who are experiencing levels of depression.

How can Homeopathy help me?

Homeopathy is a form of natural medicine that treats the individual as a whole being and with the help is highly diluted medicine, usually in the form of tablets can reverse the effects of chronic and acute health complaints.

Practice being positive

You can not always determine your environment but you can control and determine how you respond to your environment. Choose to be positive. There are many that believe that by sending positive energy out into the universe, the universe will send it back to you.

The Gym, first line of defense again depression

As a Psychotherapist, I probably shouldn’t be writing this--considering one of my specialties is depression, not to mention that one in five people, i.

How to Get Relief from Depression - Take Five Simple Actions Today!

Being joyful can be challenging when life feels heavy, dark and meaningless. Often people experiencing depression are confused, tired and overwhelmed and do not know how to find relief, meaning and joy.

The Astounding Truth about Depression - What they don't tell you!

Everyone experiencing depression will know that it is impossible to "think" a way out of the darkness. No matter how hard we try to understand depression we cannot lift the dark cloud hanging over our head.

Group Therapy for Adults Abused As Children

Group therapy can be the most nurturing and also the most challenging form of therapy.  It is highly effective.  While it doesn’t replace individual therapy, it can be a great adjunct and a final step in the healing process.

Adult Depression and Childhood Abuse

   Over the years I’ve discovered that a significant proportion of adult clients who present with depression have a history of childhood abuse.

Massage Therapy and Improving Mental Health

When you hear the term “addiction”, you might think of drugs, extreme sports participation, Fanatics of sports teams, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, egocentric disorders (narcissism, etc), or stalking behaviors.

Elder Abuse, Alzheimer’s and Our Aging Population

While taken seriously enough to be a legally reportable offense categorized alongside child abuse as either a misdemeanor or a felony - elder abuse does not seem to be taken as seriously by the public.


  A while back, I jotted down some thoughts about a person I called “The Other Parent”.  Since then, I’ve been collecting information and have concluded that there is a dearth of material on this subject.

Treating Abuse and Trauma

  Eliana Gil - Treatment of Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse If you think it happened, it probably did. Many times clients are ambivalent about the therapeutic process.

Exercise therapy for depression

Exercise therapy for depression Exercise can improve your health. This is a well known fact. While enhancing physical health, it has become widely accepted exercise can improve mental health too.

Dysthymia (Chronic Depression) and Codependency | What Is Codependency?

Dysthymia or chronic depression is a common symptom of codependency; however, many codependents aren’t aware that they’re depressed.

Fighting Depression at Home: How to turn your house into a quiet sanctuary

Unfortunately, your home isn’t always a happy place. It doesn't matter whether your home is big, small, your parents, a dorm room or a hotel, if it doesn’t feel right it can take toll on your emotions and lead to depression.

Meditate on Happiness

As my body and mind began to heal not only through my own change of lifestyle, but also through healing with others and the more I worked with those children, who through unfortunate and very sad circumstances experienced in their own lives, the more I began to understand the deeper connection of energy between body, mind and spirit.

Mental Fortitude: How to Help Family Members Cope With Loss

The unexpected loss of a loved one can be a traumatic experience. The life you know has suddenly been turned upside down, leaving you with pain and more questions than you are prepared to answer.

Mental Torment: How to Manage a Debilitating Psychiatric Condition

Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, developmental disorders such as autism, and dementia are among some of the most common mental illnesses plaguing adults today.

How to Hire A Life Coach

Life coaching has become a serious profession in the last decade or so. Tony Robbins has pioneered the profession by making millions of dollars through his coaching programs.

How Long Does Depression Last after Quitting Weed, and How to Combat it?

Depression is one of the most common and long lasting side effects regular weed smokers experience when they quit the habit. Unlike typical symptoms of marijuana withdrawal problems, such as problems sleeping, or irritability, which generally pass completely within weeks, depression can be much harder to shake off.

The Most Beneficial Features of Cosmetic Dentistry

No doubt cosmetic dentistry is gradually becoming popular and the reason for this is the benefits it offers. You can regain your beauty by using various dental processes.

5 Ways to Defeat Money Depression

  If you're suffering from financial problems, you might have a hard time coping with everything. In fact, you may be experiencing depression where you don't enjoy the things you normally enjoy and you don't want to leave your bed, let alone your house.

5 Ways to Feel Better When You're Down

5 Ways to Feel Better When You're Down Life gets everybody down now and then. And sometimes, when you get stuck in a hole of sadness, it's hard to climb back out again.

Six Ways to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal depression affects a number of people each year. While many people are happy when the holidays roll around, some people cannot fight the depressing feeling they have.

Unconventional Ways You Can Fight Depression

It might be hard to accept that depression is hurting many Americans. People with depression can sometimes feel helpless, but the truth is they can do a lot more.

Identifying the Culprits of Low Energy

Everyone feels devitalized sometimes. Some people experience persistent feelings of feeling sluggish, heavy, or fatigued in both body and mind.

What are the main factors causing depression in people?

There are no fixed factors that may lead to depression. Factors causing depression can vary depending on people and their surroundings. Most probably anything that causes a deep shock or sorrow in the mind of people can become potential causes of depression.

How To Make Bittergourd Tea To Reverse Diabetes, Stop Gout Or Lower Blood Pressure

How To Make Bittergourd Tea To Reverse Diabetes, Stop Gout Or Lower Blood Pressure. Brookey has a bitter taste, as you can see from this name.

New Treatments for Depression

Treatment is used to reduce the duration and severity of depression and prevent new episodes. Successful treatment of depression can lead to better results in every aspect of life and reduce the risk of suicide.

6 Ways to Face Your Depression and Win

Depression is something that sadly millions of Americans have to deal with on a regular basis. If you are one of the many that have to deal with depression on a regular basis, it is important that you find ways to face your depression and win.

Dealing with Depression

Dealing with depression is a lifelong journey that involves overcoming pain, accepting change, challenging your mind, and even training your body.

Decreasing Anxiety in Your Life

Decreasing Anxiety in Your Life How can you decrease anxiety in your life: Everyone has depression and anxiety in their life. Whether it's a teenager dealing with school and what comes with it, or an adult dealing with the stress of college, work, or the dating life, or maybe an old person going through the change of life, maybe a terminal illness or etc.

Ways to Fight Depressive Thoughts

5 Ways To Shut Down Depressive Thoughts As beautiful as life is it can often get tiring and hard. People all over the world fight depressive thoughts all the time.

Is The Technology That's Supposed To Be Helping Us, Depressing Us?

"Is The Technology That's Supposed To Be Helping Us, Depressing Us?"   With everything going on in our lives, you would think that technology would make it easier.

Surprising Ways To Get Out Of Depression

Depression is a medical condition which affects negatively on how and the way you think as well as the way you act. It is a common serious condition which affects many people and if not managed may lead to loss of life and destruction of properties.

Ways To Improve Mental Health

Within the past few years, the stigma surrounding mental health has completely changed. It is no longer thought of something that is treated by locking someone away in a mental ward for the rest of their life.

Helpful Tips for Fighting Workplace-Related Depression

It's not uncommon to suffer from depression. If you suffer from depression, you should not feel like you are alone. However, you shouldn't ignore the situation, either.

How Hobbies Help with Depression

If you are battling depression and do not want to rely on antidepressants or other chemical solutions, it may be beneficial to find a hobby that can help stimulate your mind and battle the symptoms of depression.

Natural Ways to Overcome Depression

How does somebody overcome depression without medication? If you suffer from depression or if you think somebody suffers from depression, you can use these three things to help overcome depression without medication.

Ways to Overcome Depression

How does somebody overcome depression without medication? If you suffer from depression or if you think somebody suffers from depression, you can use these three things to help overcome depression without medication.

Foods to Help Combat Depression

If you suffer from depression, it may be difficult to find ways that can help you with your feelings of despair and sadness. Here are some ways that you can use food to improve your mental health as well as your outlook on life.

Spread a Little Holiday Care This Year

Look in on your elderly family members and neighbors as there are many that spend the holidays alone.   With the New Year just around the corner and a lot of the country suffering from very cold weather, keep an eye out for your elder family, friends and neighbors, help out with shopping or just pop round for a chat.

I have a Question

7 Secrets to Overcoming Your Divorce

  7 Steps To Overcome Your Divorce An emotional support system isn't all you need to get over your grief. READ MORE: depression, divorce, marriage, monogamy, relationships   By Debra Warner, M.

Healthy Eating

How To Use Nutrition To Become a Happier Person

It's hard to be happy when you're not feeling well, either physically or mentally. One solution is to fix the situation through a change in diet.

News Articles

Antidepressant use increasing in the United States

A marked and broad expansion in antidepressant treatment occurred among Americans older than 6 years between 1996 and 2005, although treatment rates remain low among racial and ethnic minorities, according to a new report in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

Less than 50% of men and women with depression see a doctor for treatment

TORONTO, Canada - Less than half of men and women in Ontario who may be suffering from depression see a doctor to treat their potentially debilitating condition, according to a new women's health study by researchers at St.

Strong link between obesity and depression

Doctors should pay more attention to the link between common mental illness and obesity in patients because the two health problems are closely linked, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide.

Why antidepressants don't work for so many

Chicago, USA - More than half the people who take antidepressants for depression never get relief.Why? Because the cause of depression has been oversimplified and drugs designed to treat it aim at the wrong target, according to new research from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Most antidepressants miss key target of clinical depression

Toronto, CANADA - A key brain protein called monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) - is highly elevated during clinical depression yet is unaffected by treatment with commonly used antidepressants, according to an important study just published in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

Youth who self-identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual at higher suicide risk, say Montreal researchers

Mental health professionals have long known that gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) teens face significantly elevated risks of mental health problems, including suicidal thoughts and suicidal attempts.

Hand and feet massages provide consolation for bereaved relatives

Receiving soothing massages for eight weeks after the death of a loved one can provide much-needed consolation during an intense, stressful period of grieving, according to a study in the April issue of the Journal of Clinical Nursing.

New mums beat the blues and increase wellbeing with physio exercise, study reveals

In a world first study of its kind, 161 postnatal women with no previous depressive symptoms were divided in two separate groups to test the effect of a physiotherapist-led exercise and education program on wellbeing.

Brief treatment can ease depression in mothers

Study shows moderate to severe symptoms are common in women even after postpartum periodVANCOUVER, Canada - When paediatricians see a child for a check-up, they may want to spend a few minutes checking out the mother's well-being, too.

Tai Chi gets cautious thumbs up for psychological health

Tai Chi, a low impact martial art, has been associated with reduced stress, anxiety and depression, and enhanced mood, in both healthy people and those with chronic conditions.

Antidepressants in pregnancy increase risk of miscarriage

A new study in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) found a 68% increase in the overall risk of miscarriage in pregnant women using antidepressants.

Higher anxiety, depression among women may have basis in cell signals

In animal study, stress signals function differently in female brains and male brainsThere may be a biological reason why depression and other stress-related psychiatric disorders are more common among women compared to men.

New links between cholesterol and depression in the elderly

Most people know that high cholesterol levels place them at increased risk for heart disease and stroke. Prior research has shown that particular types of strokes contribute to one's risk for depression, and that abnormal blood lipid levels can increase the risk of depression in the elderly.

A blood test for depression?

Blood tests have been extremely important tools aiding doctors in making medical diagnoses and in guiding the treatment of many diseases. However, psychiatry is one area of medicine where there are few diagnostic blood tests.

To make one happy, make one busy

In Greek mythology, the gods punished Sisyphus by condemning him to roll a rock up a steep hill for eternity. But he was probably better off than if they'd condemned him to sit and stare into space until the end of time, conclude the authors of a new study on keeping busy.

Psychologists develop 2 potent new predictors of suicide risk

Tests promise to help clinicians move beyond reliance on self-reporting by suicidal individualsCAMBRIDGE, USA, Two powerful new tests developed by psychologists at Harvard University show great promise in predicting patients' risk of attempting suicide.

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