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What is Psychology?

Psychology is an academic and applied discipline involving the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Psychology also refers to the application of such knowledge to various spheres of human activity, including problems of individuals' daily lives and the treatment of mental illness.

Psychology differs from the other social sciences — anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology — in seeking to explain the mental processes and behavior of individuals. Read More
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Articles Associated with Psychology

A Foundation home study Colour therapy course
This course is designed for the student who is new to Colour Healing. This Module in Colour Healing has been written with the aim of allowing you to develop through an understanding of Colour Healing.The Colour Healing Course consists of Twelve elements. Each element is designed to introduce
Distance Degrees - Counselling Psychology
DISTANCE DEGREES - COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY(for qualified practitioners or personal interest -  non-UK university validated)BA, MA and Ph.D. inCOUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY(includes psychotherapy studies, transpersonal psychology)Enrol any time of year. Flexible syllabus. Average completion time of degree 18 months.Accelerated entry possible to BA course with credit for existing qualifications/experience.Ph.D. by dissertation
Distance Degrees - Complementary Health/Wellness Studies
BA/BSc, MA/MSc and PhD in Complementary Health Studies or Wellness Studies.Non-UK degrees validated by Calamus International University. These programmes are by distance learning only - there is no attendance. Bachelor's and Master's are by taught courses with project. Ph.D. is by research and dissertation. The Bachelor's degree is
Holistic Colour Counselling and Healer accredited Diploma
Train to be a Holistic Colour Therapy Counsellor and Healer using colour card readings to diagnose areas of your life that need attention and learn how to use colour for emotional support and healing.  Our fully accredited distance learning course trains you to become a professional Colour Therapist. Our easy to follow
Advanced Diploma in Parapsychology
UK College of Holistic Training - Advanced Diploma in ParapsychologyThis distance learning course is a professional-level programme of study, designed to give the student a broad knowledge of paranormal phenomena and to develop an open-minded attitude towards the causes of parapsychological events, as well as to educate the
Diploma in Abnormal Psychology
Diploma in Abnormal Psychology (Distance Learning)Total period of study: approx. 6 to 9 months Cost: £250.00 (250 Pounds Sterling )(Textbooks extra - approx. cost of textbooks £60.00 or more depending on the extra topics selected)This course is a private qualification aimed at the helping professional in private practice,
Diploma in Psychology
UK College of Holistic Training - Diploma in PsychologyA general psychology diploma course covering material up to undergraduate standard with in-depth study of a choice of special topics. Ideal for general interest, counsellors, hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, life and personal coaches and complementary medicine practitioners, helping professionals and those considering
Certificate in Cognitive Self-Therapy
UK College of Holistic Training - Certificate in Cognitive Self-Therapy  A distance learning course. Recommended period of study: approx. 3 months or less Cost: £125.00 (125 Pounds Sterling ) A FREE textbook will be included for students from the UK. Students outside the UK will need to pay
Diploma in Organisational Behaviour
Organizational behaviour is the study of individuals and groups in organizations. It is a multidisciplinary subject that draws from psychology, sociology and anthropology and is also influenced by economics and political science. Often combined knowledge from various fields is necessary to understand organizational behaviour and to build theories.
Certificate in Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness
UK College of Holistic Training - Certificate in Attention Deficit Disorder AwarenessDistance learning course - recommended study period 3 months or less.A FREE textbook will be included for students from the UK. Students outside the UK will need to pay extra for the textbook and postage. This course focuses
Certificate in Humanistic Psychology of Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers is an important figure in the development of the "new" psychology focusing on the self-resourceful individual, and has had tremendous influence on the development of counselling, psychotherapy and personal communication skills as well as on educational philosophy. Many new styles of "humanistic" counselling and therapy owe
Aromatherapy Home Study Diploma Course
This Months Special Offers >>>>> A Diploma Correspondence Course of 12 Lessons Home study is the modern, flexible way to learn holistic medicine. No attendance necessary. All courses conducted by distance learning. This course leads to a Practitioner Qualification.   Aromatherapy is a
Diploma in Positive Psychology
Diploma in Positive Psychology.Positive Psychology is the psychology of personal growth and happiness. The history of clinical psychology shows a preoccupation with mental illness and psychological problems. Positive Psychology  looks at how we can feel positive emotions such as happiness and hope, and how we can foster creativity
Certificate in Psychiatric Drugs Awareness
CERTIFICATE IN PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS AWARENESS This course explains what types of psychiatric drugs may be prescribed for different mental health disorders, the risks versus benefits of the medication, and how patients cope with different drug regimes. Brief up-to-date details are given of each disorder so this unit also
Colour Therapy Diploma Distance Learning
Colour Therapy DiplomaDistance Learning CourseColour Therapy helps people understand their needs for certain colours and shows them how to use these colours for health, performance, healing, inspiration and relaxation.  A Colour Therapist can use colour to balance energy, aid creativity and alleviate physical, emotional and mental conditions. Colour
Esoteric anatomy
 Esoteric anatomyEsoteric Anatomy offers a spiritual approach to massage, bodywork, and somatic psychology, demystifying an ancient transpersonal model for understanding energy in nature and working with consciousness in the healing arts. 
Healing power of colour
 Healing power of colour A look at the hidden role color plays in every aspect of our lives. Explores the use of color in ancient civilizations and its recent applications in modern medicine and psychology.
Colour Reading Cards
COLOUR READING CARDS PACKA limited Edition boxed pack of Colour Reading Cards and helpful booklet allows you to give Colour Readings, Chakra Readings or Colour Psychology readings  that reflect a person's life at all levels. Use them to diagnose areas of a person's  system and life that are
Jin Shin Do®:Bodymind Acupressure® books
JIN SHIN DO®:BODYMIND ACUPRESSURE® BOOKS AND BOOKLETSThe Joy of Feeling: Bodymind Acupressure by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden (364 page book, 1987, 2003; JSDF) $34.00The same classic book about the bodymind connection, with a beautiful NEW COVER (painting of the "5 Lands" on p. 64). Replete with case stories. Integrates