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What is Parenting?

Parenting is the process of raising and educating a child from birth until adulthood. This is usually done in a child's family by the mother and/or father. Where parents are unable or unwilling to provide this care, it is usually taken on by close relatives, such as older siblings, aunts and uncles, or grandparents. In other cases, children may be cared for by adoptive parents, foster parents, godparents, or in institutions (such as group homes or orphanages).
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Articles Associated with Parenting

Oxytocin and Parenting
It's a mom and pop thingPhiladelphia, PA, 20 August, 2010 - The hormone oxytocin has come under intensive study in light of emerging evidence that its release contributes to the social bonding that occurs between lovers, friends, and colleagues. Oxytocin also plays an important role in birth and
My Son Is Terribly Shy, What Can I Do To Help Him?
Q. "I have a 7-year old son who is so shy he will hardly talk to anyone outside of our family. How can I help him?"A. Some children are naturally slower than others to warm to people. Still, they can usually learn to overcome their fears and become
Help! My Child Won't go to School
"How do I get my nine-year-old daughter to school? She seems to have tummy aches or headaches constantly, and misses several days of school each week. Any suggestion that she must go and she screams and cries and seems to be genuinely afraid of going to school. What
What to expect when dealing with postpartum recovery and care
Pregnancy is a long 9 months, but it doesn’t end there! Postpartum care and recovery really does encompass a lot of things and most are a shock and unexpected. In my case anyway. Before I had my baby, I did my best to be as prepared as I possibly
Pregnancy Tip and Advice
On the eve of baby’s on the due date, I am unable to sleep. With baby moving in my womb, which occur spontaneously Braxton Hicks contractions and make you helpless, like a beetle on its back waving its legs, and the enormous pressure in pelvis that whisks you
New Science Questions Theory of Antidepressant Drugs
Eva Redei, David Lawrence Stein Professor of Psychiatry at Northwestern's Feinberg School, has presented a study that throws a monkey wrench in the scientific rationale that is used to justify giving out antidepressant medication.  She has clearly demonstrated, for the first time, that genes involved with stress are
Help Your Baby Develop Character
How Can We Help Children Learn about Character? Children learn about strong character when parents and other adults in their daily lives   · set a good example through their own behavior and actions,   · set and communicate high standards and clear expectations,  · coach them on
ADHD Linked to Early Life Instability & Sleep Problems
A new Canadian study analyzes the sleep habits from children age 1.5 to 5 years looking for an association between sleep problems and the development of ADHD.  The study confirms something I have been pointing out for a number of years - that an unstable family sets the
How Hostile Bacteria Take Up Unwanted Residence
Some of the worst bacterial infections have learned how to trick and evade the human immune response, allowing themselves to set up shop and wreak havoc to health. Two new studies help explain how problematic bacterial infections work their evil. In the first study, gene arrays were used
Healthcare Providers: 5 Important Professions in the Medical Field
As many move toward this in-demand field, it's important to discover the many career choices that await. Some careers only require a couple months training (CNA/Med Tech), while others require advanced degrees and residencies. Whatever your interests, chances are there is a career in this diverse employment setting.
ADD/HD and refined sugars: Not such a sweet combination
I recently read an article concerning a study that showed that children are perfectly happy with non-sugary cereal (as a opposed to sugary cereal) when they have options. When I was reading the article, several concerns rose up. First was the fact that when given a choice, kids
The Blended Family – Hopes, Fears, and Tasks
Hope springs eternal, and there’s nowhere that’s more true than a couple taking the leap of faith into a second marriage. To all those who dare to hope that their second marriage (or third, or fourth) will be better than the last, I say congratulations and good luck!
Pregnancy Cautions: Caffeine, Stress, & Depression.
While a child is developing in the womb major imprints are made on the developing nervous system that may affect brain health, growth, obesity, and future cardiovascular risk. If children are to maximize their genetic potential then good parenting during pregnancy is a must. The British Medical Journal
What Defines A Good Parent?
Someone who is honest, loving, kind, leads by example, thoughtful and disciplines are just a few traits that might describe a good parent. Nearly all parents or parents to be have asked themselves the question, "am I a good parent?" at one point in their life. The
How to get your child the extra help they need in school
Extra help in school. (Applicable mainly to the UK) The British government promised "that a child with special educational needs should have their needs met" (sec. 1.3, SEN Code of Practice, 2001). Even though it's printed for all to see, they won't be able to keep the promise,
All you need to know about drinking raw milk and WHY you should drink it
    Raw milk is quite widely misunderstood and often throws fear around consuming it. It is most common to think that pasteurized milk is the safest to drink and you really need to steer clear of any milk that doesn't represent that label. Well truth be told; you actually should
3 Important Things to Know and Understand before You Start a Family
If you have decided to start trying to have a baby, you may have an idyllic image of what your pregnancy experience will be like. You may also have grand expectations about what your growing family will be like for decades to come. However, there are no guarantees
Relaxed parents are stress management experts
An interview with Sarah McCrum, director of the Academy of Potential EducationJimmy Allen: If you were to give parents a simple and quick piece of advice to help with stress management and improving their children's behavior, what would that be?Sarah McCrum: Well, I once met a parenting consultant
    It’s easy to fall in love with narcissists. Their charm, talent, success, beauty, and charisma cast a spell, along with compliments, scintillating conversation, and even apparent interest in you. Perhaps you were embarrassed when your mate cut in front of the line or shuddered at the dismissive way