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Smokers Toolbox self-help audio CD
Acclaimed by Time Out magazine, The Evening Standard and now YOU magazine.REGAINING CONTROL HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER! STOP smoking for life.Do you find it difficult to stop smoking? Does the mere thought of quitting fill you with panic? Do you have an intention to stop but somehow never
Start Afresh 28 - stop smoking hypnosis program on CD or MP3 Download
A hypnosis stop smoking aid ~ consisting of 5 Tracks ~ 2 CDs and listening schedule. With a clear introduction, listening schedule and 4 tracks of structured recordings to help the listener obtain their goal of becoming a non smoker. This programme is packed with reasoning, understanding, relaxation,
Reflections on Life CD or MP3 download
15 Tracks of reflective thought This recording by Michael draws upon years of experience in helping patients to understand their thoughts and feelings. A different type of recording! In trials many listeners have said “I knew a lot of what was being said, but I would not have
Stop Smoking - Bioresonance Unit
Want to stop smoking - the Bioresonance Scio Unit is very effective to assist with stop smoking.  It is easy and painless.  It is one of the easiest way to give up smoking.  So far we have a 100% sucess rate.Want to try!  Please contact us as we
Ethos STOP 7 - smoking cessation course
Incredible 94% Success Rate - Far more than with any other method! Stop Smoking in just 7 days or we will refund* the course cost!  Ethos STOP 7 consists of our 14-page Smoking Cessation Course Manual, two different types of Herbal Capsules and our Comforting Herbal Mouth Spray.
No More Smoking: Acupuncture Erases the Desire and Need
"Are you still smoking?" This is the embarrassing question often asked to people who smoke. Let's face it: it's not easy to stop. We're dealing with a nicotine addiction that is fed at least ten, if not twenty times a day. It's a dangerous habit. We all know
Champix - the quit smoking drug that brings hope to people who want to call it quits
Champix is a revolutionary new drug that has made great inroads when it comes to smoking cessation. Champix, with varenicline as its active ingredient, is a new-age medication specifically designed to help people stop smoking. It makes it easy for smokers to kick the habit with ease. Its
Eyesight Fading? Here's What You Can Do to Treat It
When your eyesight is getting worse, you must find ways to improve it. Poor vision is caused by several issues, but today, you can improve your eyesight on your own or with professional help. Here are the best treatments for your eyes to improve visual acuity. Improvements in Your
Creative Hypnosis: Eva Quit Smoking After Being Asked One Key Question
There are no absolute certainties for a hypnotherapist while working with a client. Clients who request hypnosis for common issues like stopping smoking may need the hypnotherapist to use a creative approach because of their unique personality needs. Some years ago, I was gathering information from Eva, (not
Smoking Cessation Treatments - Going back to Basics
Despite all the anti-smoking advertising, despite all the claims from people who believe they've discovered "the one, true cure", 70% of the population of the UK still smoke. What is going wrong? Perhaps it's time to go back to basics and remember some of the fundamentals of psychology,
Hepatitis - Causes, Symptoms, Types, Prevention and Treatment
Hepatitis is characterized by the destruction of a number of liver cells and the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver tissue caused by excessive alcohol drinking, disorders of the gall bladder or pancreas, including medication side effects, and infections. There are many other infective agents that can
Natural Remedies for Sperm Motility & Corrects Male Infertility
Men are more helpless than women in the level of fertility. The use of drugs, steroids, alcohol and overweight affect the time to regard a child. Here are some tips to enhance male fertility.When there are difficulties before undergoing a complex procedure to prove that there are some
Holistic Eye Health: 4 Unique Ways to Improve Your Vision
Your eyes are always working for you. They are constantly taking in images and sending them to the brain for interpretation. As you age, however, your eyes become increasingly prone to vision problems. Here are four things you can do for your eyes to keep them healthy. Play Video
How to Attain Your Smoking Cessation Goal?
In their heart most smokers nurture a secret desire to quit smoking one day. However, most smokers, especially those who have been addicts for years feel jittery about the idea of quitting. They become so attached to their cigarettes that they find it hard to imagine their life
9 Tips To Supercharge Your Eyes
One of the hardest things about leaving your optometrist after an eye test is knowing what to do next. Indeed, they prescribed glasses and you have fantastic vision. But what can be done to make sure your vision doesn’t get worse? Ultimately, we want to know what is
Homeotherapeutics of Respiratory Illness
Respiratory Therapuetics The respiratory tract is the most common focus for prescribing in General Practice. This is because our system of airways is a very vulnerable interface with our environment. Consequently it is a point of entry for viruses, bacteria, potential allergens, pollutants and irritants and it is
Bloody Gums? How to Prevent Periodontal Disease
Have you ever brushed your teeth then noticed that you’ve spit blood in the sink? Though you might have brushed it off as a normal occurrence, bleeding gums actually might be a sign of something serious going on within your mouth: gum disease.   Bleeding gums can be caused by
Got Cigarettes? Hypnosis To The Rescue!
Within 24 hours of your last cigarette your chances of a heart attack decreases. Within 72 hours your bronchial tubes relax, making breathing easier and your lung capacity increases.  Soon after, in the next two weeks to two months your circulation improves so that walking and exercising becomes
You want to stop smoking?
Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy but sadly smoking can become an overwhelming addition. The best way to stop smoking is to make the choice to never start smoking in the first place. For those who took a puff of a cigarette whether by choice or as a