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5 Healthy Eating Rules That Are Actually Harmful
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Healthy eating is a good way to improve health, extend life, and prevent many dangerous diseases. According to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, improvement in the diet is associated with an 8-17% reduction in the risk of death over the next 12 years. But it’s important to know which healthy eating rules are good and which ones can harm you. 

1. Eating oatmeal for breakfast 

Whole grain oatmeal is a really healthy dish that has a whole range of properties that are essential to the body. Its consumption protects against obesity, high cholesterol levels, heart problems, and strokes. But eating oatmeal for breakfast every day is a bad idea.

Oat grains contain phytate that interferes with calcium absorption. People over the age of 40 who don’t get enough daily calcium are at high risk of such health consequences as brittle nails, hair and tooth loss. In addition, calcium deficiency may result in osteoporosis and cause multiple bone fractures even with minor injuries.

2. Eating a lot of fresh vegetables 

Another popular healthy eating rule is eating a lot of fresh vegetables. It would seem that this rule is good and in no way can be harmful to our health. Meanwhile, fresh vegetables are rich in fiber which can only be digested without health consequences in a person with a very healthy and strong digestive system. 

For many people, eating fresh vegetables daily can lead to constipation, irritable bowel, bloating and abdominal pain. Therefore, the recommends eating baked vegetables every now and then in order to avoid stomach problems. 

3. Sugar-free diet 

Recently, more and more scientists have come to the conclusion that the harm associated with sugar and sweets is primarily related to the amount of these products in the diet. Complete elimination of sugar from the diet is a big stress for your body which can cause overeating anxiety.

According to American scientists from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, it’s harmful to completely eliminate sugar from the diet since it can cause a serious blow to the normal body function. Complete elimination of sugar can negatively affect heart and brain function.

4. Eating a lot of fish 

The most beneficial fish for health is fatty fish since it’s a source of Omega-3 acids. Its best representative is redfish. However, almost all redfish sold in stores are grown artificially in fishing farms. These fish grow in tight spaces and are fed with antibiotics as well as supplements to stimulate growth. Eating such fish regularly can be very harmful. Harvard University experts once estimated that if 70,000 people consume artificially grown salmon twice a week for 70 years, 24 of them will die of cancer.

5. Eating healthy to be thin 

Many people think that excess weight is the fate of those who neglect healthy eating. But it's not true! Weight gain is a complex process in which nutrition is just one of the elements.

It has been scientifically established that some people have a genetic disorder that blocks the release of leptin (satiety hormone) which shuts off the center of hunger in the hypothalamus. These people always want to eat and gain extra pounds even if they eat healthy and high-quality foods. Therefore, only the injection of the hormone solves their weight problem.

By Amelia Grant
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Amelia Grant


Biography: I am Amelia Grant journalist and blogger. I think that information is a great force that is able to change people’s lives for the better

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