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An Overview of Bowen Technique
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The Bowen technique is an approach to healing that will bring improved health and transform your body's situation. The Bowen technique was developed in Australia by a man named Tom Bowen. Tom Bowen tried a different approach to heal the body.

The Bowen approach developed into a very gentle, non invasive manipulation of the muscles, tendons and fascia. The movements are performed with the fingers and thumbs. The process involves working with a patient for a period of time and then leaving them for a short period to allow time to assit with the healing process. Due to the nature of of the method a Bowen therapist could be working on several patients at a time which on a larger scale can help more people.

Bowen technique focuses on specifically the health of a person's fascia. Fascia is practically a connective network that is found throughout the body. It is in between the muscles, tendons and bones. Bowen technique addresses the relationship between all the parts of the body that hold the skeleton together.

Bowen technique is now practiced in many countries and offers relief to many health complaints. Bowen technique is very helpful in reliving or healing the following symptoms;

•·         Headaches/migraines

•·         Neck and shoulder pain

•·         Tennis Elbow

•·         Sports injuries

•·         IBS

•·         Hip Pain

•·         Knee, Ankle, and joint pain

•·         Asthma and Hayfever

•·         Chronic Back Pain

•·         Fertility

•·         Stress

Bowen technique is so gentle that it is suitable for all ages of people, from a newborn to an elderly person. It is also very useful in pre-natal and post-operative circumstances. Most Bowen sessions will last from 40 minutes to an hour. The first session will begin with a consultation. Some patients will only need to visit once to receive the benefits but most people will benefit largely from three sessions throughout a month. Some people who suffer with multiple health problems might be inclined to visit with a Bowne therapist on a recurring basis to provide more  opportunities to address their heal issues.

Bowen is not a massage. A massage is a system of continuous movements but Bowen is a series of moves whose purpose is to bring the entire body back into alignment.  Bowen has the ability to transform a person's health for the better.

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An Overview of Bowen Technique
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