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Save Sexual intimacy for the boundaries in Marriage
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A new study conducted recently analyzed the effects of waiting to be sexually intimate until marriage  and that of becoming sexually active early on in a relationship.   Ninety years ago it would have been looked down upon if you were to become sexually active with your boyfriend/girlfriend before the entering the bonds of marriage. Today, less and less people see the importance of waiting to share their most intimate self with their partner, in some cases their relationship is based upon their sexual activity with each other.

Professor Dean Busby, PhD, a professor in Brigham Young University's School of Family Life, conducted a study to determine what, if any are the positive effects of waiting until marriage to engage in sexual activity. The study proved to reveal many positive effects. This study suggests that religion should not be the only reason to wait until marriage to have sex. The study revealed  that waiting can dramatically enhance an entire marital relationship.

First they found that those who waited until getting married to become sexually intimate with each other experienced greater sexual satisfaction.  Out of the 2,035 married participants that took the online survey those who were waited till marriage rated their sexual activity with their spouse 15% higher than those who did not. Also, they rated the stability of their marriage an overall 22%higher than that of those who didn't wait and finally they rated their overall marriage satisfaction a surprising 20% higher.

Bush suggests that the overall marital relationship is of a better quality of those who wait is due to the time that they have spent on their relationship, working on the communication skills and experiencing each other in social settings and creating experiences and memories together.  Another bonus for waiting is its effect on a long lasting relationship.

So whether you are religious of old fashioned there are many positive effects as proved in this survey that waiting until marriage to become sexually active with your special someone can help your marriage succeed on multiple levels.

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Save Sexual intimacy for the boundaries in Marriage

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