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Colon Cleanse Recipes What You Need to Know Before Making Your Own
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It is possible to make your own cleanses that are safer and even more effective than cleanses you can buy.   I’ve been doing it for years and the colon cleanse recipe I now use works as well as a $185 kit I used to recommend.   The main advantages of making your own colon cleanse recipes are:  you can be sure that your cleanse contains only the purest and best quality ingredients with no fillers and chemicals, you save 100s of dollars over store bought kits and you gain confidence in you own ability to help your body heal.   

But if you are considering making your own colon cleanse recipes there are some things you should know before you get started.

First, good, effective, safe colon cleanse recipes contain four basic elements.  1.  Herbs that help the intestines to release mucoid plaque, parasites and other toxins, like wormwood or cascara sagrada.  2. A bulking agent such as psyllium seed husk powder,  or flax seed powder, which helps move the plaque and other toxins out of the intestine.  3.  Herbs that stimulate the bowel to move, like cayenne.  4.  A probiotic supplement to help repopulate the bowel with positive bacteria.  I’d avoid any colon cleanse recipe does not contain all four of these elements,  since it’s not likely to produce the kind of powerful results you’re looking for when you complete a cleanse.

Second, watch out for colon cleanse recipes that contain potentially unsafe herbs or combinations of herbs.   Some of the colon cleanse recipes I’ve seen offered for free on the internet contain herbs that can potentially do harm.  One herb to be particularly aware of is senna leaf powder.   Senna leaf produces very strong peristaltic action and can cause powerful diarrhea if it is used in too high of quantities.  I avoid it because other herbs like cascara sagrada, have a similar effect and are easier to take.

Third, if you do decide to make your own colon cleanse recipe, I strongly encourage you to get proper instructions for using the recipe.  You should definitely know all of the following:  how to take the recipe, how long to take it, what you can do if you experience detox symptoms, constipation or diarrhea during your cleanse and how to wisely come off the cleanse. Plus other important information you should have is: how to speed up your cleanse, how to slow it down and  what diet you should follow while cleansing.

Finally, there are 5 major ways to cleanse the colon.   Depending on your level of health, it may not be your best choice to make your own colon cleanse recipe right now.  For some people, it’s best to begin cleansing by adding fiber to their diets and following a colon cleansing diet before making stronger herbal colon cleanse recipe.

By Mark Ament M.A.
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Mark Ament is an expert on colon cleansing and raw foods nutrition. He is the author of
“Homemade Colon Cleansing Made Easy” and 3 other books on natural health.

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