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Combating the Blues
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We all feel blue at times. Sometimes it hits us without any warning and for no reason at all, At other times, something happens which makes us so unhappy we can't function properly. It takes time to get back to your ‚Äėnormal' self - but how can you combat these blues?

Life's Ups and Downs

Life can be difficult enough to deal with - dealing with an inconsiderate boss, falling out with your best friend, money worries or even something mundane like the weather. Feeling down is a sign that your body is not functioning properly and is calling out for help.  

Part of Life

What you should be aware of, though, is that sometimes feeling down is just part of life. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad from time to time, however, if this is lasting for long periods then you may need to take action. There are various things you can do to beat the blues and feel good about yourself. It helps firstly if you put your situation in perspective.

Mood Boosters

Being active is good for all of us but is especially beneficial for people who are feeling down. Research has shown that undertaking some form of exercise can reduce symptoms of depression and help you feel more positive about yourself and things around you.

Incorporating more physical activity into your lifestyle needn't involve hours at a gym or running marathons. There are far gentler ways of increasing your activity levels and incorporating it into your everyday life; walking is as good as any exercise especially if done outdoors in fresh air. Dancing can be combined with a social activity or simply climbing the stairs at work every day can get your heart pumping. Alternatively, you can relax with some yoga exercises or even have a try at meditation; both very therapeutic.


Get in touch with some ‚Äėhappy' friends for a night out or¬†just a chat, to boost your mood. Joining an exercise class can be very therapeutic (if a little tiring!) and there is an opportunity to meet other like-minded people. Never underestimate the power of being around others to help you combat the blues.

Negative Feelings

We all have negative feelings at one stage or other and this can make us feel low. Discovering what is causing our negative feelings is a process of self appraisal and understanding more about ourselves.

Realistic expectations

Coping with life's problems and failures requires realistic expectations. If our appraisals are realistic and we can understand or appreciate things that are going on in your life, we are better able to react to life's day-to-day events with a sense of perspective.

Life isn't always a bed of roses. You can't possibly be liked by everyone (people are often jealous of other's looks, success, wealth), and you won't always get on with everybody - we all have different personalities which make us such unique creatures. Try to feel good about yourself and what you have to offer, and you will be amazed by the results.

Be Happy

Be around people who make you laugh and avoid those who drag you down and drain you of energy when in their company - we all know someone like this!

Being around happy people will give you a good mood boost and help guide you through to your future happiness and success (with whatever you do)!

By Christina Fields
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Christina Fields is the creator of the Power Charm Formula and provides all readers with the secrets of The Art of Positive Thinking.

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