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Taking Control of Your Life
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Your Aspirations

People generally feel out of control when their aspirations in life can not be achieved. We all like to succeed in life and, unless you take control of your path in life, you have a big chance of failure.  For that reason, you have to think positive and be realistic about life and what can be achieved in your lifetime.

Think about what you want out of life - your hopes and dreams - your future happiness - what you can offer to society....Think positive and you will feel in control and in turn be in control of your life's ambitions.

Achieving Your Success

Focus on your aspirations and how these are realistic and achievable in your lifetime. Have a goal to aim for and work towards that goal. If you persist, you can reach your dream. When you plan ahead, try to be positive at the outset and look at your goal as an attractive plan for your future happiness. Spend time imagining all the exciting and attractive opportunities and benefits that will result from you being successful.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

Keep positive and don't let anyone drag you down to make you feel worthless. Did a teacher ever tell you that you would amount to no good? Were you born into a deprived family, which has made you determined that you will never be poor again?

Be Happy

We can't all be rich and successful, but we can all try to be happy with ourselves and our achievements, however small. It may simply be that you manage to put a smile on someone's face and brighten their day - just be saying hello to them. You make a difference in life! Make it a good one!

By Christina Fields
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Biography: Christina Fields is the creator of the Power Charm Formula and provides all readers with the secrets of The Art of Positive Thinking.

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