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Dementia may be reversed with a good change in diet. Of course the earlier one starts in life to prevent dementia occurring in the 1st place is the most sensible and of course the most effective.

While black seed has been traditionally used to increase ones memory and is used to give stamina to the sufferers of lethargy. It is becoming one of the most popular herb for natural remedies. The valuable components that work together and complement each other in the healing process give a sound reason to build one's system when it is beginning to fall in decline.

Ibn Sina, the author of "The Canon of Medicine" one of the most comprehensive books in the history of medicine, recommended black seed to increase the body's energy level, to fight fatigue and for cures of the respiratory system.

This amazing herb is famous in Islamic societies due to the saying of  the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

"Hold on to the use of the blackseed for indeed it has a remedy for every disease except death." 

Black seed is therefore regarded as a cure all by Muslims. It was also regarded as a panacea (cure all) by the Roman civilisation. There was even a small bottle of the oil found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. It is no surprise that black seed is becoming very popular as an alternative medicine.

Black cumin seed oil is being supported by modern science where hundreds of research papers have not only confirmed the numerous remedies by black seed, it has also been found to be an effective remedy for dangerous illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, asthma to name just a few.

Nigella sativa is a very strong antioxidant that prevents energy decline, often a leading precursor to dementia. While black seed is powerful enough to use at a practitioners level it is also safe to use for a huge amount of home remedies.

While many people may regard dementia as irreversible, one cannot go wrong with black seed oil which is full with a huge amount of healthy components, vitamins and minerals that one can only benefit from a small teaspoon a day.

There are certain guidelines to note when trying to reverse the dementia condition. Dementia conditions can be made worse by gas appliances. Where possible gas appliances should be changed as should all fossil fuel heating systems.

Aluminum utensils and aluminum foils should be avoided. Foods such as salt and baking powder that may contain aluminum should also be avoided.

One should be careful to find a good quality black seed oil that has been properly cold pressed. 

By Daniel Goodwin Diploma in Full body massage and Indian head massage
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Trained in sufi healing

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