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Opiate dependency and Black seed oil
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Always keep in mind that although detoxing from opiates is hard, it is still very much doable.

Black seed oil has now been found helpful for people who are dependable on opiates.

The main reason is that black seed rejuvenates many of the elements and vitamins that are burned up on the intake of drugs. It is also a natural sedative, helping to balance the nerves and find rebalance in the body as a whole.

Drug dependency cure

A new research paper has revealed that black seed oil can cure patients of opiate dependency. The research was carried out in Pakistan and was published in 2008. Here is the conclusion:-


For centuries, man has used plants for their healing properties .these plants play a fundamental part in all treatment modalities, both ancient and modern .the gentle, nourishing, and synergistic actions of herbal medicine make it an excellent treatment of choice for all systems 60.

It is concluded that this drug is effective in long term management Cof opioid dependence. It not merely cures the opioid dependence but also cures the infections and weakness from which majority of addicts suffer.

It is suggested that further long-term follow up studies are needed to evaluate the benefit of this drug in maintaining the patients opioid free. In addition, various biochemical and physiological evidences are required to further strengthen the effectiveness of this non-opiate drug in long-term management of opioid dependence.

Keeping in view the mode of action of opioids, pharmacological effects of Nigella sativa and results of present study, it is concluded that Nigella sativa is an effective treatment of opioid dependence. It is cheap and readily available and far more less in cast than other drugs presently available for the treatment of opioid withdrawal syndrome. Its antiallergic, anti bacterial, spasmolytic and antinociceptive effects and nutritious rich amino acids are more than of a benefit to an opioid addict, who usually requires these remedies and nutrious supplements. It is advised to conduct more research on this valuable seed in relation to its pharmacological potential.

Here is the link to the paper:-


By Daniel Goodwin ITCT Diploma
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