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Diabetes Related Problems In Men - Basic Issues

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A lot has been written and said regarding diabetes in recent times. If you are getting overwhelmed by all this information, it would be better if you knew the basic facts first. To understand ‘diabetes’, it is important to understand our body. Our body turns most of the food we eat into glucose which provides us energy. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas which helps the sugar get absorbed by our body’s cells. If a person is diagnosed with diabetes, it means that person’s body either doesn’t make insulin or is not able to use the insulin effectively. This leads to an accumulation of extra sugar in the blood. Diabetes in itself does not show its effect directly on the body. It is the root cause of many other diseases.

How Men Are Affected By Diabetes

Men and women are equally susceptible to diabetes; however, men are more affected by several diabetes related health problems as compared to women. For example, in people who develop diabetes before the age of 30, men are more likely to develop retinopathy, a vision disorder which can lead to blindness. Amputation rates from diabetes related health problems are more than 2 times greater in men, than in women. Similar statistics goes for risk in increase of coronary heart disease and cardiac arrest for men with diabetes.

Another rather serious, but often undetected diabetes-related problem is associated to sexual health of men. The most common problem is erectile dysfunction where a man does not have or is unable to keep an erection. Due to prolonged diabetes, the nerves and capillaries in the penis get damaged and this results in the malady. However, having diabetes is not the end of the world. It can be successfully treated by using medication, artificial means to bring erection or surgery, or whatever else is best for you. Your doctor may recommend you to take Viagra for some months to make your sexual life normal. You can find cheap Viagra online through many sites which specialize in medical supplies.

Manage Your Diabetes Under Medical Supervision

Although it is not possible to cure diabetes altogether, it’s always possible to control and manage it. You should get regular health check-ups done, so that you can detect it at an early stage. If detected early, it can be controlled by maintaining a correct weight, exercising regularly and opting for a healthy lifestyle. Even then if the problem persists, your doctor will recommend diabetic pills, which have to be taken daily. If you find it inconvenient to go out and buy these pills every month, you can order them from online pharmacy services, where the medicines are delivered at your doorstep.

By Davis Marco
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Diabetes Related Problems In Men - Basic Issues
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