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Erectile Dysfunction A Treatable Malady
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Erectile dysfunction also known as ‘impotence’ refers to the inability to sustain an erection for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to several factors and can strike at any age although it is usually seen more in older men. This is a situation that can occur due to many reasons - physical, as medical or emotional. Treatment for erectile dysfunction depends on the nature and the severity of the problem. The latest wonder drug, sildenafil citrate in the oral form, popularly known as Viagra, is a boon to many suffering from ED. Generic Viagra is easily available over the counter and is definitely more affordable than Viagra which is way too expensive for most.

Causes For Erectile Dysfunction

Damage to the nerves, smooth muscles, arteries etc., which could be brought about due to disease is one of the common reasons for ED. More than half of ED cases are brought about due to diseases like multiple sclerosis, vascular diseases, diabetes, kidney diseases and so on. Diabetes is one of the major reasons for ED. Surgery which injures the arteries and nerves near the penis or any other injury caused to the prostate, penis, spinal cord, pelvis and bladder can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Psychological issues like anxiety, stress, depression, guilt, fear of the inability to perform etc., make up to 20 percent of erectile dysfunction cases. Lifestyle patterns like excessive smoking, lack of exercise and obesity can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment for erectile dysfunction could be as simple as making healthy lifestyle choices for some. Maintaining a proper exercise regime, quitting smoking, etc may also solve the problem. The next step would be to check the medication, if any, that you are currently taking. Certain drugs which are used to treat high blood pressure etc could cause ED, so a change of medication could solve the issue. Generic Viagra which is affordable and easily available at any online pharmacy is an effective way to temporarily treat erectile dysfunction. Vacuum devices and surgically implanted devices are another option. In extreme cases, surgery can also be considered. Psychotherapy techniques are often used to decrease anxiety in patients with ED. In such cases, the patient’s partner is also involved in developing a sense of stimulation and intimacy.

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