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Have A Plumping Effect On Lip Tissues With A Lip Plumper
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A lip plumper refers to a cosmetic item which is applied to the lips. It supposedly has a plumping effect on the tissue of the lips. Many women have thin lips or even average lips. But they have a desire to have full and plump lips like the celebrities. However, not all of these women would want to risk the side effects or spend the huge amounts of money on collagen shots. But now, there's an alternative temporary fix for these thin, lackluster lips in the form of a lip plumper .

Lip pumpers refers to products that can make your lips look much fuller in appearance. They come in as clear or in a vast variety of colours. The popular types of lip pumpers come in a lip gloss form. These can be worn alone in order to enhance the colour of your own lips or even over your favourite lipstick. Typically all those women who have thin lips use a lip plumper in order to give their lips a fuller look. A lip plumper is a much safer alternative to getting collagen shots as well as to help in diminishing the fine lines around your lips. A few of the lip plumping products not only plump your lips but also offer moisturizing ingredients in order to make your lips look healthier as well as more desirable.

While using a lip plumper, the fact remains that the effect is only temporary. Application of a lip plumper has to be throughout the day in order to retain its effects. Its application has to be based on the brand and type that you buy. The most common kinds of lip pumpers come in a tube with a wand as well as a fuzzy tip. This needs to be applied directly to your lips with the wand. This can be done alone on your lips or even under or over your lipstick. Another kind of lip pumpers come in small pots. These are to be applied with your fingertips or with the help of a lip brush. There is also another type that comes in a container which has a small roller ball at the tip. This can be applied directly to your lips.

The most common ingredient in a lip plumper is menthol or camphor. This helps the lips to swell, which is done by irritating the thin delicate skin. Aside from the common ingredients such as camphor and gelatin, many of the manufacturers are using ingredients such as cinnamon, amino acids, caffeine and Vitamin B6, which increase the circulation in your lip area by causing a tingling sensation.

By Ezra Rogers Ph.D. in Community Health Services
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Biography: Ezra Rogers is a Ph.D. in Community Health Services.She has worked for health care NGOs in Africa and Asia. She is on advisory panel of a number of health care organizations and health news channels. Her main area of interest are writing health care articles on joint health , colon health , skin care , healthy living life etc.

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