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Healing Cancer: What Does It Mean
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Frequently, the interaction between illness and treatment is described as a battle or a war. If we hold with that analogy, then cancer can best be described as a civil war. A cancerous cell operates as if it believes that martial law has been declared in the body. Sadly, because we cling to this confrontational mindset, healing cancer becomes very difficult.

The term cancer actually describes a vast number of different conditions, all resulting from the same basic problem: there is a malfunction with the instructions held within the DNA of a cell.

The natural process of life ensures that a large portion of our cells are replaced as they wear out. According to many estimates, ninety-nine percent of our cells are different today than they were last year. Many of these cells are simply duplications of previous cells, which are constantly dividing.

This duplication is what allows us to live as long as we do, as damaged and worn out cells are replaced with new and healthy cells. When something goes wrong with the duplication process, however, it has the opposite effect.

The fact that this problem even exists is actually incredible in its own way, because DNA contain enzymes to repair damaged DNA. These enzymes are designed to proofread the instructions in cells to prevent incorrect copying, remove damaged portions and insert correct replacements and generally ensure that the cells don't go haywire.

So, when a cell manages to get around the built in protection enzymes, the cell can quickly become lethal. The damaged portion of the instructions tells the cell to divide endlessly. Every duplicate cell has the same damaged instructions and divides endlessly, which can quickly become a problem, and makes healing cancer difficult.

Some say, that the current mindset of Western medicine is to heal cancer as if it is a foreign invader, coming into the body and wreaking havoc. Because cancer is a part of our body, gone awry, this mindset has not been very successful.

Traditional cancer treatments, especially radiation and chemotherapy, are poisonous to cancer cells…which are like our healthy cells, only haywire…so they are also poisonous to our healthy cells. In effect, the traditional treatments for healing cancer count on the fact that they will poison and kill the cancer cells before they poison and kill the rest of the patient.

Healing cancer can only occur by accepting the fact that those cells are a part of us, embracing those cells and looking to heal them, not destroy them. It isn't possible to destroy cancerous cells without also killing healthy cells.

An amazing variety of alternative treatments exist, although it isn't likely that you'll hear much about it from your doctor. This isn't necessarily because your doctor is anti-alternative medicine, or part of a vast health care conspiracy: it's highly possible that your doctor just isn't well versed in the options available to you. You need to take the responsibility for your own care and look into the highly-effective, non-toxic, alternative therapies for healing cancer that are available to you.

By Dr Laurence Magne Ph D(c)
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Dr Laurence Magne Ph D(c)


Biography: My name is Laurence Magne, Ph D(c). For the past 25 years, I have been involved in the field of health and health research, investigating the reasons why we get sick, and whether we can get well outside of the medical field, using alternative solutions. I have read over 3,000 books on the related topics, counseled many clients and conducted many lectures and trainings.

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