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The Journey Through Cancer
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Cancer treatment should include mental, emotional, and spiritual components, with a variety of complementary therapies for the body as well. I do not suggest forgoing the conventional medical treatments. While acknowledging the limitations of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, these modalities, when used skillfully and sensibly, with love, compassion, wisdom and humility, can be extremely beneficial.

The experience of cancer includes much more than the technical aspects of medical care. Your relationships with your family, friends and care-givers will play a vital role. No matter how scared or confused you may be feeling, you must consciously choose to believe that you will get the care and support that you need and deserve. To learn more about how disease in created in the body and why, read Cancer Free For Life.

One of your most important objectives should be to cleanse and nourish your body in a way that allows those inner healing mechanisms to flourish as fully as possible. Develop an entirely new, ongoing relationship with your body. Your body is not simply a machine that was created to carry out the will of its owner. Your body is a living, breathing organism, a focal point of energy, information, intelligence and growth. And healing is ultimately an organic process which requires many ingredients.

Any advice for diet in long-term disease mentions vitamin C, garlic, antioxidants. They also mention that drinking alcohol seems to amplify the carcinogens. Follow these principles of healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle in general because in doing so will yield significant benefits in every area of your life. Along with greater energy, improved physical health, increased vitality, and an enhanced sense of well-being, you will have greater awareness, increased clarity of mind, and expanded opportunities to achieve your life's deeper goals.

Natural Herbs

One of the real attractions of herbal medications is that they are natural products. They come from trees and plants rather than from laboratories and chemicals. Most herbs are indeed free of side effects. While herbal medications are commonly used for specific medicinal purposes, nutritional supplements are usually intended to restore or increase the overall energy reserves of the body.


Well-documented physiological effects of massage include pain relief through the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, in to the bloodstream, heightened immune function, and improved blood flow to vital organs. The emotional benefits of massage maybe even more significant.

For many patients, the healing, conscious touch of a skilled massage therapist before a chemotherapy treatment, can transform the experience from something to be endured into a time they actually look forward to with serenity and gratitude. Massage provides an important source of human contact outside the circle of family. Massage is an opportunity for tapping into a sense of total receptivity to loving attention from the environment. Anxiety and apprehension are replaced with openness and tranquility, and this fosters healing at every level.


Exercise can often play an important role in helping patients tolerate cancer treatment. It provides a heightened sense of vitality that improves their energy level and overall quality of life. Even light exercise can provide real benefits, and just taking a short walk in the park can build strength as well as offer a moment of spiritual renewal. Exercise helps the physiology in that healthy human cells need oxygen, and even slightly elevated rates of breathing and heart rate during exercise can help fulfill this need.
It also provides release from stress and tension. This is helpful and there is documented improvement in anxiety, depression, physical performance and quality of life.

By Laurence Magne, Dr
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The Journey Through Cancer

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