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How to Control One's Mind?
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We might blame our failures on cut throat competition, growing population and other miscellaneous causes, but our biggest setback is lacking the complete knowledge of how to control our mind. Minds are like parachutes, they work only when they are opened. Hypnosis plays a phenomenal role in opening them up, i.e. in enhancing its potential. As we know, there are several aspects like hypnosis for insomnia, hypnosis for smokers, hypnosis for social phobia, but amongst them. All these find their base in mind control techniques. Hypnosis for mind control is proved to be a very effective treatment for several problems.

Here are some tips for controlling your mind

Avoid concentration problems

For this exercise, you need to explore the big and small reasons which distract you. Indirectly, these reasons cause the pre occupation of your brain. One of the biggest strengths of self hypnosis is self talk. These talks, if adopted on a frequent basis make it easier for your mind and body to function in tandem, to know your weaknesses, to adjust and to move on in life.

Know yourself

Most of the times, we indulge in scrutinizing the other person so much that we forget to understand the importance of ourselves. You might be reading some matter or hearing some songs, but at times, it hardly strikes you that you are involved in the phenomena. So it is necessary to examine your own self, your movements, your body language, your communication style, breathing rate etc. These encounters will bring you closer to your self.

Erase the negativity

Negative thoughts and emotions, slowly and slowly, eat your entire confidence and expectations. For example, if you are into a serious fight with someone, you should just close your eyes and imagine venting your entire anger on the respective person. This exercise will make you breathe easy and reduce your negative energies.


It plays a pivotal role in every exercise of self hypnosis. It rejuvenates the entire body, mind and the soul.

Thus, self hypnosis is not a Herculean task, if practiced with commitment, zeal and fervor.

By Trisha Pandya phd
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Author: phd

Biography: Brenda Writes for Top Hypnosis.

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