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Influenced by Influenza

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During the holiday season congestion is at it's peak, more so than any other time of the year. The malls become filled with masses of people, street traffic and airports, postal service, so much is going on during the holiday months that we can't help but become influenced by influenza. Viruses begin in the air or human energy field and if you aren't conscious of yourself on an energy level its just a matter of time before your physical body begins to feel the effects of being influenced.

      Although many people would disagree and argue that viruses are picked up from doorknobs, counter tops or even other people, that fact of the matter is, if you are conscious of your own energy field other energies wouldn't easily penetrate yours. If we understood ourselves on an energy level we wouldn't unconsciously create our own imbalance. So what can you do to strengthen your aura so that you wont be so susceptible to being influenced? First you need to understand that illness is not something that is separate from you, that in fact illness is a part of you .When understanding this concept you are able to overcome allot of influence already. Overcome daily stress with good diet, good hygiene, meditation and exercises.

      Staying balanced is the most important realities you can create for yourself in staying healthy. Weekly or monthly massages, take time out for music and relaxation. Read an inspiring book or take a nap underneath a tree in the park and absorb the energies around you. It is very important to stay balanced emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The more in touch you are with your positive healthy outlook on life, the more a positive healthy mirrored reality reflects right back at you.

      The energy fields of seniors can become depleted and need extra care in strengthening the aura that surrounds them. Children are also very vulnerable because their energy bodies aren't fully developed yet. When we are conscious of our energy whether it be our speech, feelings and environment we can all be influenced through a higher level of awareness that enables us to be healthier.

By Patricia Huff CMT, Energy Healer
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Author: CMT, Energy Healer

Biography: Patricia is a certified massage therapist and energy healer in Alhambra Ca.

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