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You are the Source of Awareness
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     What the world needs now, is massage, sweet massage. No not just for some, but for everyone....... Why?

     Because your body is awareness. Yes, thats right, all the way down to your cells and blood stream every thought that you produce, and consume is made manifest on the physical body. With that in mind, guess what?

      There is no recession, there are no budget cuts or lack of health care there is only lack of awareness. All these other things are the results of negative disconnection of your own mind that is not naturally connected through awareness. Through therapeutic massage and energy work, awareness can begin to submerge from the bowels of locked in blocked consciousness. 

     Unleash your true nature when your energy is shifted, moved around and lifted out of your energy field. Chances are you will begin to sing,' I can see clearly now, the pain is gone.' Or at least beginning to clear out from habitual repetitive thinking. Before you reach for that pain killer, before you begin complaining about what ever it is you feel comfortable complaining about, call you family massage therapist and grasp more awareness that can only be felt through you and your own creative thinking.

    No, we don't need another new car, there are houses and technology, enough to last till the end of time. what the world needs now, is massage, are you ready to awaken your own awareness? 

By Patricia Huff CMT Energy Healer, Alhambra Ca.
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