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Life Alignment a new energy medicine
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Energy  and The Body

Although our senses tell us we live in a world of matter and solid objects, modern science has confirmed what mystics have known for millennia, that we exist in a sea of energy. Everything in the universe, including ourselves, is made of energy which vibrates at different frequencies.

We think of ourselves as just having a physical body, but actually we are multi-dimensional beings with several other subtle energy bodies, including the etheric, emotional, mental and higher spiritual bodies.

Together, these subtle bodies make up the aura, and even though we can't see them (because they vibrate so quickly), they are every bit as real as our physical body. They carry spiritual impulses and the forces of our personality into the physical dimension for expression in our daily life.

It is through our subtle bodies that we also connect with beneficial universal energy: this ultra-high frequency, life-giving force is drawn through the chakras (subtle energy vortices) into the body, nourishing every organ and cell.

This universal energy is vital for our health and psychological wellbeing but blockages and imbalances in our aura and physical body distort and weaken the flow of energy – meaning sooner or later we get sick.

Energy blockages can be caused by many things including emotional trauma, limiting mental beliefs and attitudes, being cut off from our life purpose, psychic attack, relationship and sexual difficulties, viruses, parasites, injuries, food intolerances, allergies, toxicity, geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution etc. The list is endless, and often many factors are present when we experience physical or psychological ill health.

Disease generally begins in one or more of the subtle energy bodies, and it is often many years before it filters down into the physical body causing symptoms we are aware of. And whereas modern medicine often just treats the physical symptoms, to truly come back to a state of vibrant health, it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem. Life Alignment is a new form of energy medicine which does exactly that.

What is Life Alignment?

Working with the innate intelligence of the body, Life Alignment finds the original cause of our issues, and the energy pathways that are blocked. Life Alignment practitioners use spiritual healing and psychological processes to clear and balance these energy pathways, restoring energy flow throughout our whole system, which in turn stimulates physical healing.

Because we can be affected energetically in many different ways, Life Alignment has several components:

Soul Alignment

Looks at what our soul wants to manifest in our lives and what is blocking us. It enables us to reconnect with our deeper purpose; as well as helping clear our system energetically, it gives us clear, practical steps to follow, so we can achieve more fulfillment in our personal relationships, our career, and in all other areas of our life.

Body Alignment

Works specifically to heal and align our physical and subtle bodies. At the cellular level of our bodies, we hold memories of everything that ever happens to us including unresolved physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma.

Working by priority, with information coming directly from the body's innate intelligence or Higher Self (via kinesiology and dowsing), Body Alignment identifies this trauma, the source of the imbalance, the "story" behind it and the energy pathway that is affected. Healing, through the hands is then sent directly into this energy pathway through vibrational energy points connected to specific organs, glands, systems and chakras. The story is then balanced using a variety of emotional re-patterning techniques including forgiveness and empowerment work, affirmations and visualisations, role dialogue or even calling in help from spiritual guides.

Founder of Life Alignment

Jeff Levin, a doctor of natural medicine, explains: "Once we begin to understand that we are primarily spiritual beings working through the limitations of physical bodies, our consciousness begins to change. And once we change our consciousness and clear the issue at the cellular memory level, there is no longer a need to maintain physical symptoms or to repeat negative patterns."

"The beauty is that you can get to the core of an issue in one session that might otherwise take years. If somebody had problems with their marriage or relationship(s), if you don't go back to the seed of it, you can work on it for years and never, ever clear it. Psychological problems get completely shifted because you go back to the root cause."

Vortex Alignment for Home and Environmental Healing

Vortex Alignment was developed in part out of Jeff's research in his earlier career as an eco-architect. Small Vortex Cards create quantum energy fields which have a powerful effect on the energy in our environment. They are used to transmute geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution and other environmental toxins, and harmonise these with our own energy bodies.

Body Spin

Quick and easy to learn, Body Spin is a simplified version of Body Alignment, using the same vibrational body points. It uses two Vortex Cards, the Seed of Life and Resonance, which open a gateway or vortex through which a stream of energy flows into specific centres in the body. Like Body Alignment, it works on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, for energetic clearing and balancing.

What can Life Alignment help?

Life alignment is suitable for everyone and has been shown to help numerous psychological and physical conditions including: ·          Structural conditions and pain ·          Neurological conditions ·          Brain dyslexias, learning difficulties, ADD and ADHD ·          Hormonal imbalances ·          Suppressed immunity, fatigue, allergies and infections ·          Digestive complaints and toxicity ·          Depression, anxiety, stress and negative emotional patterns ·          Lack of confidence and uncertainty over life direction People can have just one session, or a full course of in-depth healing.

Training in Life Alignment

Life Alignment is learned through a series of short modules, with practitioners needing to complete a number of case studies and a practical assessment to qualify. Body Spin is the entry point into all the different systems under Life Alignment. It is the most simple technique and can be learned in just three days, while Soul Alignment, Body Alignment and Vortex Alignment are studied over a series of intensive courses of three to five days each. 

By Jane Turney
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Jane Turney is a Body Alignment practitioner in London

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Life Alignment a new energy medicine
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