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Medicine: Conventional or Alternative?
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Which do you choose? I propose the idea that you don't have to make a choice. Both types of medicine offer different packages for health. Your personality and life experiences will determine what types of medicine you are drawn to but just because you are drawn to one type over the other does not necessary mean that the other is wrong. Perhaps the other is not right for you or not right at this time in your life. A fundamental principle of life is change and so just because you may not have tried a type of medicine before doses not mean that you should rule it out.

Something to be aware of is that you don't have to completely choose Alternative and exile all types of Conventional medicine or vise versa. Instead, evaluate your situation and allow that to determine what type of help will serve you best. For example, if you broke your arm a Conventional doctor will be able to serve you quickly and efficiently but if you suffer with an addition to tobacco a life coach therapist might serve you the best as they will be devoted to helping you overcome your addition. I think the main difference between Conventional medicine and Alternative medicine is time.

Why time you might ask? What does time have to do with medicine? I think time has a lot to do with medicine. I take my son to a great pediatrician who executes a vast knowledge and love towards the field of medicine. Unfortunately, I live in the state of Utah in America and there are a large number of babies born each year, because of this pediatricians' often are over booked with clients. Each time I take my son to see his pediatrician we wait for at least 40 minuets past our appointed time. By the time we see the doctor it is evident that he is exhausted. Time is a rare novelty in the realm of Conventional medicine.

If you read anything about Alternative medicine you will recognize a consistent thread that links all Alternative therapies together, they emphasize holistic health. Holistic is the mind, body and spirit combined. This is a key factor when debating what type of care you require. Conventional medicine is focused on fixing the symptoms, a broken arm, a high fever, constricted asthmatic lungs etc... but as time is something that is sparse in the Conventional world holistic healing is rarely achieved.

Many mothers might suffer from post partum depression but are unlikely to go to a doctor unless the symptoms increase severely as they might feel as though they are wasting the doctor's time. Have you noticed that most Alternative medicine therapist's hold hour long sessions with their patients? Alternative medicine gives their patient's time so that nothing is rushed. Time is essential to holistic healing. If you have been involved in a car accident the physical healing might be reasonably quick but what about the emotional trauma? It can take years to deal with the repercussions of some injuries.

So, I pose the question which type of medicine will serve you the best. Every situation is different because life is always changing. Evaluate your situation and determine what results you want. Do you want your headache to disappear right now so you can perform in the musical or do you want to find the root of your headaches and get rid of them for life? The next time you are deciding to see a doctor of some sort ask these three questions: What's my problem? What results do I want? What will best serve me Conventional or Alternative medicine?

Enjoy the benefits offered by all medicine.

By Jessica Carney
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