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What Empowers You
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Different people are empowered by different things. Do you even know what empowers you? What does it mean to be empowered? I believe that it means being the best version of who you are. Being empowered is having the courage to be who you want to be. Being empowered does not mean being like everyone else or being a prototype of someone else's idea of perfection or happiness. Empowerment comes from within yourself and only the things within you will empower you forever everything else has an expiration date.

Obviously, to become empowered you need to discover what will empower you. Empowerment resonates from your core. Your core is your beliefs, your standards, your principles, your faith etc... Basically, your core is what makes you tick, the reason for waking up each day. When you know what your core is determine what enables you to stay true to it and those things/actions/thoughts will be what empower you.

If part of your core is being committed to personal improvement then following through with goals will empower you because that is enabling you to stay true to your core. If part of your core is being a disciple of you Christ then reading, studying and sharing Holy Scriptures will empower you. If part of your core is being respectful to yourself and others then the presentation of your dress and kind interaction with others will empower you. If part of your core is constant growth intellectually then finding ways to expand your mind and share it with other will empower you.

These actions of empowerment can be manifested through actions such as writing a journal, serving others, testifying, blogging, developing talents, cleaning your home, creating, writing, working; they are they things that you are probably already doing. 

What is your core? What empowers you? These questions might make you stumble but they are not a new concept they are a part of you, you just need to clarify what they are. Clarification is essential it will help you stay true to your path in life, in becoming the person who you want to be.

I think of a scene from the movie "Little Women" which is based on Louisa May Alcott's popular 19th century novel. The older two girls are sitting with their mother on her bed, she brads Meg's hair, they talk about Megs experience at the coming out party of a local girl. Meg admits she liked the way the girls did her up, it made her feel pretty. Their wise mother commented that there is nothing wrong in looking beautiful but she didn't want her girls to feel their only worth laid in being merely decorative. We too must take Mrs. March's advice and make sure that with empowers us does not leave us being merely decorative. Lasting empowerment must come from somewhere deep if it is to bring us lasting power.

There are little things that can add to our empowerment, such as a great pair of jeans, a favorite lip gloss, an awesome song but they are just appendages and alone they cannot change our behavior or character permanently. They have an expiration date.    

Empowering yourself is a daily process. A process that require constant adjustment and evaluation but it will brighten and enlighten your path of life helping you become the person who you want to be. 

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