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Original Yoga Essence (O2 and Breathing) is Distorted by Key Yoga Gurus
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Present day yoga is quite dissimilar to the genuine yoga trained for hundreds of years and even from yoga which had been used some 50-70 years ago. For example, you can prove that in past times yoga tutors could successfully teach methods to combat health problems. There were even yoga ads in the 1920’s saying that their yoga classes could cure major conditions, like heart problems and also asthma. How could possibly they achieve that? Why could contemporary practitioners not promise the identical final result?

Illnesses are based on low oxygen content in body tissues. To put it differently, ill persons always have lowered oxygen tension in body organs. Yet classic yoga tutors knew the key technique of breathing that could successfully deliver cells with critical oxygen 24/7. Yes, we should have some basal or automatic respiration pattern that should ensure superb body oxygen levels days and nights.

Today's yoga coaches have completely wrong ideas about respiration. Probably you have heard that present-day yoga tutors say that breathing more air or simply deep breathing is useful for us. In addition they assert that CO2 is a toxic gas and we should inhale and exhale more and deeply to remove this toxin. To put it differently, they encourage chronic hyperventilation syndrome.

In the mean time, old fashioned yoga teaching with regards to breathing appeared to be completely opposite. There are 3 old fashioned texts created on Hatha Yoga. These traditional books were formulated about 400-700 years ago: Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, plus Shiva Samhita. All these classic texts have no referrals to fast and heavy breathing and concepts linked with intense expelling of poisons from your lungs. In reality, traditional yoga manuscripts support the alternative strategies. They all declare that we must restrain breathing, keep it quiet, and hold the breath. They claim that the objective of pranayama, which is the chief yoga respiratory exercise, is to have prolonged periods of breath retaining and exhalations. You could find all these quotes via the internet because the complete versions of these traditional yoga books are in open access. Discover a great Youtube video recording Yoga about these ideas.

Nonetheless, if you start studying more recent yoga guides written in the last 40-50 years and web-based articles or blog posts, one will discover totally reverse concepts. A large number of current day yoga practitioners maintain that respiration needs to be deep, we have to breathe more air, and there are toxic compounds that are to be expelled from the lungs because of to deep breathing. These gurus also declare that CO2 is a toxic gas.

In current day period of science and technology, we can easily check out who is right and which respiration pattern is better for humans. Let us contemplate medical points. When we have very slow and light normal respiration (only 10-12 breaths every minute and also pretty much 5-6 liters of fresh air each and every minute at rest for a 70-kg person), we've got nearly ideal oxygen content in the arterial blood or just about 99 percent. Consequently, if we have heavy and fast breathing, we cannot get increased oxygen content in body organs. The leading effect of overbreathing is low blood O2 levels. Yet CO2 is a powerful expander of arteries.

For this reason, once we breathe more air, we've got reduced carbon dioxide levels in the arterial blood, and this lowers circulation to all vital organs and causes diminished body oxygen levels. Numerous scientific papers have assessed this effect in regards to the brain, kidneys, heart, liver and many other bodily organs. Note that blood circulation and oxygen transport are essential for normal work of all internal organs, cells and systems. You can find even a rather simple body oxygen test (a unique breath holding time examination) which you can use to evaluate oxygen levels in body cells. You could certainly study more about these things from great site NormalBreathing.com: Yoga.

In addition, dozens of physiological papers have revealed that those with conditions breathe much more than the medical norm. Accordingly, modern day people also “practice” deep and fast breathing or over-breathing. It is not a surprise therefore that most present-day yoga tutors aren't able to cure conditions since they perverted the heart and soul of yoga. All of these findings also reveal why benefits of contemporary yoga instructional classes are limited and most people are not able to improve their lousy health while using this unique and sensible ancient health practice.

By Dr Artour Rakhimov (www.NormalBreathing.com) PhD
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Dr. Artour Rakhimov is breathing teacher and the author of the largest website about breathing NormalBreathing.com

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