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Severe Cough Means Reduced Oxygen Content In Tissues
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Clinical reflections of many hundred Russian medical doctors propose that reoccuring issues with cough occur only in individuals with lower oxygen content in cells and organs. Consider these important scientific findings in more detail. We can take first step with popular knowledge about the mechanism that creates severe cough.

Coughing is an necessary protecting process for the airways and lungs. Coughing receptors are situated in the larynx and tracheobronchial tree. Chronic severe cough can bring a notable deteriorating of quality of life measures. Several different illnesses lead to severe cough. The common acute roots are smog and upper respiratory tract infection. The commonest factors behind severe are postnasal drip, asthma, long-term bronchitis and GERD. Cough is a very frequent health-related symptom and present-day treatment methods are generally worthless.

Contemporary discoveries, as these Russian doctors allege, propose a straightforward mechanism of severe cough that is based on ineffective breathing patterns and decreased oxygen pressure in body cells in patients with coughing. These video recordings refer to a good number of medical papers and clarify the mechanism of persistent severe cough and effortless respiratory exercises to terminate cough:
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Indeed, people with asthma, bronchitis, COPD and other respiratory troubles have deep and fast respiration at rest when they are clear of coughing predicaments. Their minute ventilation is nearly 12-16 L/min or about 2-2.5 times greater than the therapeutic standard. In other words, these persons suffer from chronic chronic over-breathing. What are the repercussions of hyperventilation syndrome?

To start with, chronic hyperventilation syndrome creates lessened alveolar CO2 quantity. It is a known truth that all nerve cells are remarkably responsive to CO2 levels, and low CO2 create overexcited or irritable states of nerve cells. Consequently, it is apparent that low alveolar carbon dioxide concentrations causes irritable state of coughing receptors. As a consequence, if these patients build up their lowered alveolar CO2 quantity up to the therapeutic standard, then the coughing receptors would not set in motion the coughing reflex.

CO2 is also a strong dilator of the airways. As a result of chronic over-breathing, the airways get restrained, and air movement in the bronchi leads to greatly raised frictional strain on the surface of the bronchi. Note that individuals with coughing problem normally have already irritated bronchi, and this further lessens the diameter of bronchi greatly increasing frictional strain that can result in physical harm to tissues of bronchi. Some actions, like severe coughing through the mouth, results in severe harm and increased inflammation to bronchi.

Similarly , there is another ramification of reduced alveolar CO2 content on the human body. Hyperventilation surely induces decreased oxygen pressure in body organs. There are 2 specific mechanisms. In those people who have normal gas exchange in lungs (when oxygen can normally commute into the blood from alveoli) overbreathing produces low CO2 levels in the arterial blood. Nevertheless, arteries are likewise remarkably sensitive to modifications in CO2. Some physiological studies state that CO2 is the most potent vasodilator. As a consequence, low CO2 pressure in the arterial blood induce constriction of blood vessels and this leads to minimized oxygen transportation to all organs of the physical body. Other individuals can develop troubles with oxygen exchange in lungs and subsequently low CO2 causes lung damage and intensifies ventilation-perfusion mismatch. Most of us can observe that in all cases hyperventilation lowers oxygen concentrations in body organs.

Lessened oxygen concentrations in body organs produces free radicals in tissues and that depresses the immune system. Consequently, chronic hyperventilation favors various infections, for example respiratory tract microbial infection, flu and colds. Existence of pathogenic agents in respiratory tracts results in inflammation of bronchi and this dramatically exacerbates complications with severe coughing.

Mouth inhaling and exhaling is another adverse factor that intensifies severe coughing. This is on account of decreases in alveolar carbon dioxide levels and nasal nitric oxide, another substance that is significant for wellness.

All these details are explained here - Cause of Cough - a general overview of the physiological mechanism that makes coughing chronic or persistent.

Additionally, these Russian doctors identified that if their patients set back their fast and heavy breathing and get standard alveolar carbon dioxide concentrations, their predicaments with severe cough will go away. Such consequences are manageable with the application of the Buteyko respiratory retraining program or Frolov respiratory device since these programs increase oxygen content in body cells. Oxygen Remedy together with Amazing DIY breathing device are alternative but terrific possibilities.

Dr. Artour Rakhimov is a health educator. He is the author of books and the educational website www.NormalBreathing.com devoted to natural self-oxygenation and health education. The website has hundreds of medical quotes, charts, tables, graphs, references, results of clinical trials, analysis of respiratory techniques, free breathing exercises, manuals, techniques, lifestyle modules and other resources for better cells oxygen content and health. Normal Breathing defeats chronic diseases!

By Dr Artour Rakhimov
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Dr  Artour Rakhimov


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