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The ALL ONE Story
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What sets ALL ONE® (Nutritech®), a small "boutique" company in Santa Barbara California, apart from the multitude of firms in our industry?  Three things: Focus, insistence on quality and innovative formulations.

Owner Doug Ingoldsby believes that ALL ONE's "cult following" (to quote a buyer for Whole Foods) is due to two things; the effectiveness of the formulas and the fact he chooses only the highest quality nutrients regardless of cost.  Their specialty milk proteins in the Original, Active Senior and now the new Weight Loss formulas come all the way from New Zealand.  New Zealand dairies are held to the most stringent standards in the world mandating that all dairy products be free from antibiotics, chemical residues and hormones (rbST is illegal in New Zealand).  Their cows are grass fed and never exposed to 'feed lot' conditions. ALL ONE "Green Phyto Base" formula uses only certified organic green foods that are never exposed to more than 80 degrees to maintain active enzymes.  The cereal grasses are grown in a specially selected, dried, ancient volcanic lakebed in Utah, at 6,000 feet elevation far above the pollution levels.  In keeping with the family tradition, all the ALL ONE formulas are created up to a standard not down to a price. 

For more than 35 years Nutritech's focus has been primarily on high potency powdered multiple vitamin, mineral and amino acid combinations.  Over time Nutritech has expanded their line of powdered multiples to now include six facings:  The high protein "Original" ALL ONE, hypoallergenic "Rice Base" ALL ONE, green food based "Green Phyto Base" ALL ONE, a fruit pigment based "Fruit Antioxidant" ALL ONE as well as a formula for seniors "Active Senior" ALL ONE now even has a new formula for children, ALL ONE "Kids." 

Along the way they introduced other products but only to complement their multiples.  ALL ONE "Totally Fiber", a unique blend of more than nine fibers sources, both soluble and insoluble, compounded with sulfur potentiates and herbs.  Due to consumer requests a pure Cal/Mag powder.  Also, this year, in response to the obesity epidemic sweeping the country, they have introduced two safe and effective ALL ONE "Weight Loss Formulas."

Nutritech began back in 1972 when Doug began selling ALL ONE®.  The Ingoldsby family, however, have been in the vitamin business since 1936. Doug's Dad, James, who formulated the Original ALL ONE formula, was responsible for a number "first's" in our industry; the first "high potency" Vitamin C tablet (100mg) and, working with renowned nutritionist Adelle Davis, created the first "stress" formula, and many of the first multiple vitamin and mineral combinations, even the first nutrition candy bar: "Tiger's Milk®".  When James sold "Plus Products" in 1968 it was one of the largest supplement manufacturers in the country. 

It is a much different world now then when James Ingoldsby founded "Plus Products" in 1936 … a much different world than when Doug introduced the first pure high potency multiple powder 35 years ago in 1972. Still some things remains true:  Stay focused, provide the right combinations of the highest quality ingredients in a form that is easy and pleasant to take and not only will you enjoy continued success … you may even gather "a cult following."

ALL ONE ® registered trademark of Nutritech Corp.
Nutritech ® is a registered trademark of Nutritech Corp.
Tiger's Milk ® registered trademark of Weider Global Nutritional

By Doug Ingoldsby ,President of Nutritech
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