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What to expect when dealing with postpartum recovery and care
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Pregnancy is a long 9 months, but it doesn’t end there! Postpartum care and recovery really does encompass a lot of things and most are a shock and unexpected. In my case anyway.

Before I had my baby, I did my best to be as prepared as I possibly could be, but there were a lot of things I just wasn’t prepared for.

I had never had a baby before, so I just really didn’t know how or what to prepare for when I had never experienced it in the past.

Throughout postpartum care and recovery there were 17 main things that I did not expect.

I was surprised at how much I bled, how it was still terribly uncomfortable to sleep. The breastfeeding cramps were unbearable along with crazy postpartum hormones and feelings.

It is completely normal to feel and experience these things, I just wish I would have been more prepared for them all.

Along with finding ways to ease my discomfort, dealing with a brand-new baby and the struggle to breastfeed I did manage to find effective ways to help with the many aspects of new motherhood.

Through my experiences, I hope my tips and tricks can offer you some help throughout your postpartum journey.

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By Beth Meier
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Biography: Beth and her husband Tanner run a blog all about motherhood parenting pregnancy babies and toddlers and of course healthy living.

Beth loves sharing her own experiences to help and inspire other mothers out there on their own journeys of motherhood.

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What to expect when dealing with postpartum recovery and care

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