Final Journey Aromatherapy Blend

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Coming into the world and leaving it is a fact of our lives that can be traumatic for both the individual as well as their family.

Over the years, Green Valley's owner, Barb Greenwood, has created a lot of essential oil synergies to help with bringing babies into the world. But it wasn't until a few years ago that a good friend of hers was at the other end of her life's journey and was getting ready to leave this earth that Barb found herself wondering what she could do to help. She came upon some research done on those who had near death experiences and they all said that the last thing they remembered was the smells that were around them.

Barb took this information to heart and created a beautifully gentle, delicately floral synergy which was diffused throughout the house and near the bed where her friend lay. Her friend loved it and her family enjoyed it too.

The theory behind this blend is to help keep the air fresh and clear of unpleasant smells. At home that may mean the smell of cooking or of cleaning products. In a hospital unpleasant smells may be the assault of disinfectants, floor polish or even urine. As a person passes over, their last memory should not be one of unpleasantness. We should be allowed to leave this earth on as delicate and pleasant a cloud as possible with those we love around us.

The base of this blend is Rose Absolute, Neroli and Vanilla. A heavenly and precious combination.

Rose absolute is said to help send forth the glory of heaven by helping to touch the spirit.

Neroli essential oil is said to help us mingle in the realms of the Angels. Neroli is pure spirit, representing the purity in all things. What better way to allow our spirit to finally soar when it's our time to release?

Vanilla essential oil was added for a touch of depth and comfort, for there is nothing like the warm and lingering fragrance of Vanilla to help bring one 'home' and allow us to feel warm and secure.

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