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ADD/HD and refined sugars: Not such a sweet combination

I recently read an article concerning a study that showed that children are perfectly happy with non-sugary cereal (as a opposed to sugary cereal) when they have options.

Study Technology is Providing the Solution for Correct Learning

      This outstanding technology got originally developed for people of any age, whoever wanted to improve his own learning skills for college, university or job.

FAQ’s for ADHD

FAQ's for ADHD What is: 1. ADHD - Inattentive type is defined by an individual experiencing at least six of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?Individuals with ADHD may know what to do, but may not consistently do what they know because of their inability to efficiently stop and think prior to responding, regardless of the setting or task.

A Very Natural Solution for Child ADHD and Adult ADHD

     In growing a society we can always find people, who are  more or less able, more or less involved in their own personal problems and life situations, meanwhile others are having a harder time with learning and understanding.

About the Unwillingness of a Child doing its Homework

     First of all I want you to realize, that understanding the problems through reading this article, is offering already some great solutions, helping to handle the situation.

Herbs for Anxiety, Intolerance and Sleep

Review Agrimony, Aspen and Beech for Bach Flower Therapy.   Flower remedies are supplied in concentrated form in bottles that will keep indefinitely, before using they need to be diluted with a mixture of about three parts water to one of alcohol.

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