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Benefits of Intrinsa Patches
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Tags: Female sexual dysfunction

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Intrinsa patches are used for the treatment of low sex drive in women, especially those women who have had their ovaries removed. Intrinsa patches contain testosterone, which is primarily a male sex hormone but also found in women in smaller quantity When women get their ovaries removed, the production of testosterone drops down and this leads to reduced sexual desire, less sexual thoughts and difficulties in achieving arousal. In many cases, this problem leads to relationship difficulties.

Women who do not feel aroused start losing interest in sex and this can lead to misunderstanding between the partners. A man can think that his partner has lost interest in him and that is why she is behaving in such a way. This creates a distance between them and reduces intimacy. Sex is not the most important part of a relationship but when a couple is deprived of it, there are high chances that their relationship suffers and they drift apart. It is a man's duty to satisfy his wife everyday and a woman's duty to open up when needed.

Intrinsa patches help women increase the level of testosterone in their body and this aids in restoration of libido. These patches need to be applied twice a week on a continuous basis. Your skin absorbs testosterone from the patch and takes it directly in to the bloodstream. Women up to the age of 60 can use these (testosterone patches) after consulting a doctor. Do not start using these patches because you think they will work well for you. Only a good doctor can find out if these patches will suit your body and whether or not you really need them.

Ensure that you use these patches only as per the instructions given on the leaflet provided by the manufacturer. Use only one patch at a time. Apply the patch at a clean, hairless site below the abdomen. Do not apply it on your vagina or breasts. Do not apply lotions, powders, or creams at the site where you are going to apply the patch as this can prevent the patch from sticking properly. You need to change the patch every three to four days and this means that you will have to use two patches per week.

Always decide in advance the day on which you have to change patches so that you know exactly when you change it. This will increase the effectiveness of the patch. If you start your treatment on Sunday, change the patch by Wednesday. Remove the used patch with great care and dispose it safely. Apply the new patch to a different area of the skin so that the same area is not irritated again. This patch is specially designed to stay in its place while you shower or bathe but try to cover it with clothing when you are sunbathing. If you forget to change the patch, change it as soon as your remember. As following the precautions and instruction as suggested by your doctor will help you to be safe in health hand.

By Katie Lynn M.A
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