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Difference between Retin a and Renova

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The wide range of skin care treatments available today makes it difficult to choose any one single treatment that best suits your requirements. Each skin care product consists of a different active ingredient and a unique mode of action, depending on the condition it has been designed to address. Read on to know the differences and similarities between Renova and Retin-A – two of the most popular and effective skin care treatments on the market today.

Renova cream to beat ageing

Renova is a prescription anti-wrinkle cream that consists of the active ingredient tretinoin. Tretinoin, a derivative of Vitamin A, is also produced by your body and helps to eliminate harmful elements present in your skin tissues. Renova is an effective beauty treatment that helps get rid of wrinkles and fine lines that are a natural part of the ageing process. By removing rough and patchy skin, it also helps to create smooth facial skin. This anti-ageing skin cream produces positive results within 2 months of treatment. But optimum benefits with Renova are experienced after six months of regular use. Your skin will become smoother and clearer. Renova should be an integral part of your daily skin care routine in order to achieve and sustain its benefits.

You can begin Renova treatment by applying it in small amounts on your skin. This is essential to ensure that you are not allergic to tretinoin or to any of the ingredients in Renova. Renova should be used once a day for best results. Apply the cream at the same time everyday and follow your doctor’s recommendations as far as possible. Do not try to change the dosage or stop using Renova without consulting your doctor. This is a well tolerated skin care product in general but can produce mild side effects including dryness or redness; skin peeling and stinging or burning sensations.

Retin-A for best acne treatment

Retin A is a skin care cream specifically formulated to treat acne. Like Renova, Retin-A consists of tretinoin – the Vitamin A derivative that is naturally produced by your body. Retin-A is a unique topical cream that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing; it also helps to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads, the typical symptoms of acne. It also treats skin discolouration as well as dark spots that often accompany acne breakouts.

Retin-A increases cell turnover on those parts of the skin where it is applied. It also frees plugged pores by eliminating dirt and toxins from the surface of the skin. Retin-A is known to prevent the formation of comedones – the sebaceous material in your skin. This acne treatment needs to be applied as a thin layer at night before going to bed. Remove it in the morning with a facial scrub to prevent flaking. Apply a moisturizer afterwards to reduce skin dryness. Retin-A is known to increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so make sure that you use a good sunscreen while going out. This medicated cream is quite effective but does not work miracles. It is essential to continue Retin-A treatment for 6-9 months before noticeable improvements can be seen.

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