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Nutrition for Life

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Nutrition for Life

distance-learning course

What we eat and drink affects our health and the state of our body, mind and emotions. Yet many of us don't really consider what we eat, nor where the food goes when it leaves the mouth, or what it does to the body. 

These days not many of us die of old age.  We tend to get ill and die of a specific health disorder, such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease, long before our biological life span has been reached. 

On the positive side, there is increasing scientific evidence of a strong link between diet, micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals), stress and disease.  Optimum nutrition must therefore become the fundamental method of treating and eradicating many illnesses and prolonged stress. 

Nature is abundant with food that can give us optimum health, high energy and vitality, and help to reduce our stress levels.  It is packed with nutrients that are essential to the effective functioning of the body. 

It is never too late for some self-help in reducing or eliminating the causes and symptoms of stress and ill health.  Medication doesn't always have all the solutions, and no medication comes without side effects, some of which create added health problems.

All we need to know is which nutrients the body needs, in what balance and how they work for us.  We can then learn how to use them effectively and how to get the most from our food.  Then at least we can give our ourselves a kick-start towards improved health and energy.  It is never too late to do this, and sometimes just a small change in the diet can bring amazing results.

This course provides an insight into the many different nutrients in food which form the foundation of good health, energy and vitality.  It guides in getting the best from our food, not only in our personal food choices, but in the way we eat and treat our food.  It delves into health issues which are diet-related, and others which could be prevented or the symptoms greatly relieved by a change in diet and lifestyle.  It emphasises the healing properties of foods and the right sort of diet for specific ailments. 

For anyone and everyone, this course provides all you need to know to start on your path towards healthy eating, improved health and less stress.  It also provides positive ideas for some healthy lifestyle changes to support a healthy diet in improving health, well-being and overall quality of life.  

For therapists, guiding your clients towards a healthier diet will help them to overcome their issues, whether physical, mental or emotional.  It will support every therapy. Good nutrition is the foundation of body balance.  When the body is back in balance, optimum conditions are created for holistic healing to begin.  The course provides CPD.




Diploma in Nutrition


220. Instalment plan available.


School of Natural Health & WellBeing


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