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Come Alive: Get Your Life Going Again
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take control

We all need to get back that feeling of being in control of our health and feeling good about ourselves and our lives. To do this, we need to get our energy back in balance. By getting ourselves back in balance, we are taking control of our life instead of letting life control us.  Control of our situation begins with control of the energy that flows around us and through us.

get back in balance

Getting back in balance is a whole new way of thinking.  After all, given our education and social conditioning, it is not something that we have ever had to think about.  We have not been educated into considering whether our energy needs balancing when we are feeling down or a bit unwell.  We have been told to take a tablet, have a day off work, or pull ourselves together.

Getting back in balance starts with a healthy flow of energy around us and through our body. This energy is a subtle energy. We can't see it but we can feel its effects.

Energy which is stuck, blocked, negative or badly-flowing is unbalanced and it affects us by making us unbalanced. This does not mean though that we would feel lop-sided or as though we are going to fall over. The effects of imbalance in the flow of energy around us and through us can make us feel tired, lethargic, irritable, depressed, stressed, unenthusiastic, unmotivated, unable to concentrate or remember things and we could start to sleep or work badly. Our self-esteem and confidence may begin to suffer, small persistent health problems may appear, there may be a general feeling of disharmony, and relationships may begin to suffer. 

All this has a knock-on effect and, very soon, other things may start going wrong for us, so we begin to feel worse and then things around us begin to get worse. At some point there may a traumatic situation in our body or life, which forces us to stop and think about why all this has happened to us. It is possible that it all started with being out of balance.

Making yourself feel better is easy when you know how, and then things don't look so bad.  After a while, little things begin to improve, then big things, and then one day you wake up feeling brilliant. Even though some of your life's challenges are still there, with your newly balanced energy, they suddenly don't seem so difficult, in fact some of them don't even exist any more.  

Getting back in balance brings with it improved health and well-being, energy, enthusiasm, motivation, self-esteem, confidence and many other positive qualities.  It regenerates and rejuvenates every part of your body, mind and life and makes you 'come alive'.

where to begin 

You could eat and drink healthily, breathe in fresh air, move your body, challenge your mind.  But when you are at an all-time low, this is not easy. Something needs to inspire you to get moving. Perhaps you could change your attitude, stop being negative and get some positive thinking going. But how can you do this without help? You can turn to the doctor or therapist, go to the hairdresser, have a siesta, down tools and have a cup of tea, but this is only a temporary help.

You have the power - What you need to know is that YOU have the power to inspire yourself, and to free up your mind, body and life, so that you can change your situation and move forward with positivity and confidence. 

Learn to balance your energy - There are easy energy-balancing techniques which you can learn.  Feng Shui, Clutter Clearing and Space Clearing can unblock and balance the energy in your surroundings.  Crystals and Chakra Balancing help the energy to flow freely through your body and mind.  Together, they can get you and your life back in balance. 

clutter clearing

Clutter clearing your home, room or workplace is the first step on your journey towards better health and well-being. This is the most exciting and effective part of your journey and really worth the effort. Clearing your clutter is like cleaning up your body and life.  It has a wonderfully therapeutic knock-on effect that will make you feel better and better each day.

Clutter is that pile of newspapers and magazines that need reading, those clothes you're keeping just in case you get smaller or larger, those removal boxes that haven't yet been opened, those drawers and cupboards overflowing with stuff.   Energy which is stuck and stale around piles of stuff which you have not attended to for some time, creates an unhealthy environment in which to live and work. It can make you congested in your body, confused in your mind and stuck in your life. 

space clearing

After cleaning up your act, you can cleanse the energy in your home, room or workplace, by space clearing. This takes less effort and is something that you can sit back and enjoy while the incense and candles do the work.

feng shui

Feng Shui is a powerful way of manipulating subtle energy to create balanced surroundings for you. You are a reflection of your personal space and any negative energy flowing through it will affect you and your life negatively.

Learning how to unblock and balance the energy flow in your personal environment will have such an uplifting effect on you. You will feel better, have a clear mind and lots of energy and confidence to change your situation.

chakra balancing

Balancing your chakras regularly releases blocked energy inside you, which can cause physical, mental and emotional problems. Improvement then comes from your very centre, expanding outwards to all areas of your mind and body. It will uplift and energise you.

crystal energy

Crystals have been used to balance and heal throughout the ages.  By learning about the nature and qualities of crystals, you will realise that the perfect inner balanced structure of a crystal can help you to get yourself back in balance.  Crystals can strengthen you and help you to cope with your daily challenges, and you can learn how to work with them to heal mind, body and spirit.

colour energy

Colours each have different energy vibrations which can help us to change our mood and improve our health.  Learn how to eat, drink, wear and surround yourself with the right colours for you.  Making clever use of colours can be life-changing.

we can help you

Contact us for details of our distance-learning courses in all the above subjects.

By Brenda Martin MBILD, MFNTP, FSSA
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Brenda Martin MBILD, MFNTP, FSSA


Biography: In 1998, Brenda Martin founded the School of Natural Health & WellBeing, to help people develop their potential, find direction, achieve better health, energy and well-being, and move forward in their lives.

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