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What is Clutter Clearing
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Clearing your clutter is like cleaning up your body and life.  It has a wonderfully therapeutic knock-on effect that will make you feel healthier and more positive each day.

Clearing your clutter is a way of simplifying your life. Getting rid of what is not necessary or not working for you any more, makes life easier for yourself. You can get down to the things that really matter to you, have more time to enjoy what you really love doing, and save time and money too.  It helps you regain clear thinking and find direction in life.  It is a way of getting yourself back in balance, improving your health and achieving that wonderful feeling of well-being which you desperately want but which you can't seem to get.

What is Clutter?

Clutter is stuff which has accumulated in your home and which has not had your attention for some time.  It could be a pile of papers needing to be sorted through, drawers and cupboards overflowing with things, a garage stuffed with everything except the car, even a bulging handbag or briefcase.   Clutter can also be unfinished business in your life, things that you never get around to doing, and even relationships with others that are not doing you any good.

Clutter comes in small, medium and large sizes and in various shapes and forms.  It inhabits drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, floors, walls, ceilings, basements, attics, rooms, storage areas, houses, apartments, workplaces, gardens, sheds, cars, desks, pockets and bags.  Clutter ranges from tiny pins and pieces of paper to large items of furniture and even people!   It can be visible and invisible.  It is not just what you can see.  It is also what you cannot see that is hidden in any container, whether a tiny box, a large cupboard or a whole room.  If it occupies a part of your home, then it also affects a part of you and your life.  In feng shui, different parts of the home relate to different parts of your body and life.

How Clutter affects your Health

Clutter can make you ill, mentally, emotionally and physically.   It produces an unpleasant, stagnant energy which affects you and everyone who lives surrounded by it.  Your body absorbs this stale energy and, over a period of time, it begins to affect every part of you.  It makes you feel drained, tired, congested in your body, confused in your mind and stuck in your life.   A stale, clogged-up body and mind cannot breathe, cannot move or function properly and eventually become sick.

Clutter makes you feel Sluggish and Congested

Your skin, hair and eyes will begin to look dull and your general appearance and behaviour will be slow and weighty.  You could begin to get congestion-type health problems - colds, respiratory problems, overweight, constipated.  Mentally you could feel unenthusiastic and unmotivated.

Clutter drains your Energy and makes you feel tired

It makes you feel heavy, weighed down, stifled, squashed, stuck in a rut, lethargic and lacking energy.  This creates stress.

Clutter compresses and depresses you

Real convicted clutter-hoarders risk becoming compressed and depressed.   They are often round-shouldered, walk with their heads down, are overweight, have hang-dog looks with frowns and scowls and are often headachy and irritable.  They look as though they are carrying their clutter on the top of their heads and the heavier it becomes, the worse they feel.  Headache tablets, anti-depressants and everlasting diets are usually their daily past-times.

Clutter prevents clear thinking

You could start to lose concentration, become forgetful, feel overwhelmed with so many things to do and unable to see a way through.   

Getting healthy again

People usually do not realise how their clutter was affecting them until they start sorting through it and disposing of it.  Then they begin to realise what areas of their body, mind and life were being affected by it, because those parts start to function again and make them feel so much better.

Clearing the clutter in your home, your car, and any other area belonging to you, unblocks and frees up the energy in the atmosphere, bringing balance back into your personal space.  In turn, this releases large amounts of stuck energy in your mind, body and life, helps to get you back into balance, and gives you a sense of freedom and well-being.  This is when your life can begin to change because you are no longer being held back.  You can move forward with energy, motivation, enthusiasm and confidence.

How to clear clutter

First you need to learn how clutter affects you, otherwise you won't clear it.  Then identify your clutter, being totally honest about what you really like and need in your life.  If you don't like it or need it, then let it go.  You need a plan of action and your clutter tools at the ready, and what is especially recommended is a good home-study course to guide you, help you to enjoy your clutter-clearing and keep you motivated.

we can help you

Contact us for details of our distance-learning course Clutter Clearing & Space Clearing.

By Brenda Martin MBILD, MFNTP, FSSA
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Brenda Martin MBILD, MFNTP, FSSA


Biography: In 1998, Brenda Martin founded the School of Natural Health & WellBeing, to help people develop their potential, find direction, achieve better health, energy and well-being, and move forward in their lives.

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