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Because of our rushed and stressful lives, many of us have lost the ability to relax.  This can lead to more stress, tension, insomnia and health problems. 

Shallow breathing, together with constantly rushing around and not relaxing, can cause our brain to start working less efficiently and we can suffer from poor concentration and memory loss. We may begin to rely on substances to keep us going, such as caffeine and sugar.  These give us erratic blood sugar levels and in turn keep our body on alert and unable to relax, and they prevent the food we eat from being used efficiently by our body.  

Eventually, we find ourselves on a hyperactive treadmill with no Stop button and we head towards burn-out.

This course teaches breathing and relaxation techniques, plus some healthy lifestyle changes which will help to reduce your tension and stress and the negative effects it can have on the mind and body. 

By adopting these relaxation techniques, you should begin to feel healthier, calmer, and more positive in yourself, and this will go a long way to helping you to cope with daily challenges.

Following this, we introduce some positive tools and techniques, which help you to tackle stress in a constructive and practical way.  You will recognise where your thinking patterns are leading to stress and will begin to change from negative ways of thinking to more positive ones.

In a few steps, you will be learning ways to:

♦ help yourself to breathe correctly and to relax
♦ control your tension and stress long-term
♦ re-gain control over your own life
♦ take control of your health and well-being
♦ achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle

For everyone, this course is an effective guide in how to relax, with techniques that will last a lifetime.  It will also help you to improve your health and energy, and develop a profound sense of inner peace.

For therapists, relaxation techniques are useful alongside other therapies. They can be included in your practice or in facilitating workshops.  The course provides CPD.




Certificate in Relaxation


120. Instalment plan available.


School of Natural Health & WellBeing


Distance Learning


Tel. 0044 1865 600198



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