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Worry Management

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Worry Management

distance-learning course

How to deal constructively with worry, and how to reduce it and eliminate it. In the process you will re-gain control over your life, improve your overall health and well-being and generally feel better about yourself and life.

Worry is negative self-talk that almost paralyses us into focusing on problems and stopping us getting on with life. It makes us feel as though we are re-living a past situation, or one that could possibly happen in the future. Repetitive thoughts go round and round and they can stop us sleeping, make us depressed or ill, and ruin our relationships.

Worry is non-productive. We usually don’t resolve the situation, and the more we think about it, the bigger the worry becomes.

We give you a plan to tackle worry in a constructive and practical way. You will recognise where your thinking patterns are leading to worry and will begin to change from negative ways of thinking to more positive ones.


Worry creates stress, so we explain how worry and stress can make a person ill. Then we introduce lifestyle changes which will help to reduce your worrying and the negative effects it can have on the mind and body. In the process, you should begin to feel healthier and more positive in yourself, and this will go a long way to helping you to cope and to feel confident about dealing with your worries.




Certificate in Worry Management


130. Instalment plan available.


Come Alive School of Natural Health & WellBeing


Distance Learning


Tel. 0044 1865 600198



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