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Aura & Chakras

Aura & Chakras

distance-learning course

Keep your aura and chakras healthy.  You will feel good and look good.

An amazing course with something for everyone, whether you want to improve your health and energy, or help others.  It is an in-depth exploration of the aura and chakras and the human energy-consciousness system. 

The aura is like a mirror of us, reflecting our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual condition.  The aura protects us and keeps us healthy, if we keep it strong through our own healthy lifestyle, such as good diet, exercise, sleep, fresh air, positive thinking.

The chakras are the power stations of our body, absorbing and distributing energy throughout our body and aura.  Without this energy we would not exist.  With healthy chakras, we exist with optimum health, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With malfunctioning chakras, we will eventually become ill.

Through our aura and chakras, we are connected with everything else that exists, whether plants, crystals, animals or human beings. We therefore have an important role in keeping ourselves healthy, so that we project healthy energy towards other people and into the environment around us.  This is for our own benefit as well as for the benefit of others and to help heal the world.   Whatever type of energy we give out, we also receive back.  As we well know - what goes round comes round.

If you can 'get it right' at chakra and aura level, then you get to feel good every day of your life.  This also has a knock-on effect on everyone else around you and on the quality and direction of your life. 

For everybody: With an understanding of how the aura and chakras work to keep you alive, you are better able to work with them to produce a balanced flow of energy throughout the body and maintain a high level of health, energy and well-being. 

For therapists: Many holistic therapies include aura and chakra work but without a real insight into how they relate to optimum health. Many therapies will be successful in relieving the symptoms, which may or may not return later on, because the cause has not been addressed.  With insight into the world of the aura and chakras, you can take your treatments to deeper levels and start to treat the cause of the health problem, rather than simply its symptoms.




Diploma in Aura & Chakras


195. Instalment plan available.


School of Natural Health & WellBeing


Distance Learning


Tel. 0044 1865 600198



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