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Colour & Well-Being

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Colour & Well-Being

distance-learning course

Colours are always with us.  Although we don't think about them as we go about our daily life, they are constantly affecting our body and mind. Learn how to use colours cleverly to uplift your mood, and improve your health and energy levels.

 Our awareness of colour is probably limited to clothes, accessories, and the colour of our home and places we visit, but there is more to colour than this. Each colour has different energy vibrations which penetrate our body and affect it.  

The colour of our clothes and the foods we eat can influence our mood and behaviour. Colours can relax and energise us, make us feel good and brighten up our lives. 

Red stimulates circulation and energy, while blue calms and relaxes. Orange breaks down barriers, while yellow brings confidence. Colours can help to re-build health after illness, alleviate stress and depression, and boost self-esteem.

This course guides in understanding how colours work and how to bring more colour into food, drink, clothes and decor, how to visualise colour, breathe in colour, meditate with it, use coloured crystals and more. The gentle energy vibrations of different colours can be used to align with the vibrations of the different parts of our body to restore balance and get our body doing its bit to improve health and well-being.




Certificate in Colour Healing


130. Instalment plan available.


Come Alive School of Natural Health & WellBeing


Distance Learning


Tel. 0044 1865 600198


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