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Clutter Clearing & Space Clearing

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Clutter Clearing

distance-learning course

Amazingly helpful course which gets you started on making space in your home or workplace, simplifying your life and improving your health. You don't clear out the stuff you like, only the things that you no longer like, need or want.

People reflect the energy around them because they absorb it. Clutter energy sticks like glue, so your life could start sticking (going nowhere), your body could become sluggish (constipated, poor posture, weight gain), and you could develop congestive health problems (colds, chest infections, headaches). Apart from this, clutter influences tiredness and lack of motivation. Bad news all round!

According to feng shui, clutter in different compass sectors of the home affects the life area linked to each sector. So, clutter in SouthWest affects relationships (stuck), in North career (no promotion). Clutter in the attic (pressure, depression). Clutter in the basement (messy support in life) and so on................

Clutter Clearing revitalises the energy in your surroundings and you'll get a sense of freedom, a buzz of energy, clearer thinking, and everything will appear less chaotic and complicated.

Why do our course on Clutter Clearing? Because we provide you with a structure which helps you get organised and get started, you don't get swamped with stuff around you, you deal with each bit as you go along, and we keep you motivated along the way.

Clutter is:
piles of paper everywhere
clothes you are keeping just in case
removal boxes still unopened
books you haven't looked at in a while
overflowing cupboards and drawers
a bulging handbag or briefcase, and much more

1 uncluttered area each week = 52 in a year. That's real progress. Do enrol and let's get started!


A newspaper recently reported that couples regularly argue over their home having too much stuff in it. Sometimes they ‘accidentally’ break the partner’s possessions to be able to bin them. Don’t get to this stage! 




Certificate in Clutter Clearing & Space Clearing


£130. Instalment plan available.


Come Alive School of Natural Health & WellBeing


Distance Learning


Tel. 0044 1865 600198



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