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Allergies and hayfever
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Homoeopathic treatment for hayfever should start the previous autumn with a visit to your homoeopath and then follow on, if necessary, when the season starts. Now is a good time to think about hayfever as the season has already started for some people who are affected by the pollens now in season.

It is quite possible to completely eradicate the susceptibility to hayfever with a single homeopathic remedy if the picture is clear. This sometime happens as a by product of homeopathic treatment. People say to me that their hayfever has not come back or that it cleared completely when this may not have been the reason they came in the first place.

For those affected by pollen, allergy is seasonal, but for many people allergy is a 24/7 factor which affects the quality of their lives. And is not as straightforward as it is for hayfever sufferers. Although some people suffer with hayfever in the winter as an eczema type of skin complaint.

These days a host of illnesses or syndromes are put down to allergies. A syndrome is a collection of symptoms, not an illness in itself. Irritable bowel being the classic example. Wheat, particularly in bread, can often be the sensitising agent and some patients report that continental breads do not affect them as English breads do.

Other illnesses which are often put down to "allergy" are arthritis, headaches, migraines asthma, a variety of skin conditions others not considered as allergic are repeating patterns of colds and chest infections.

The Pill and HRT frequently cause skin symptoms digestive problems or migraines.

So why are we so allergic ? Is it the result of generations of vaccination, prescribed drugs and polluted environment.

Some babies now have an inherited allergic constitution. This may be triggered by antibiotics given to the mother when pregnant. Or when baby is vaccinated. Ear nose and throat (respiratory) and or skin conditions are frequently the response to vaccination. Babies which are affected in this way often go on to inhalers when they are very young, as they develop a crackle or rattle in the chest. Or they may have constant ear infections and have series of antibiotics. Thus their immune system is weakened at a very early age. Babies respond very well to homoeopathy at this stage.

I also find that children may develop an intolerance to dairy after vaccination - this is generally shown by either constant coughs and colds or eczema or both.

Some people do not have an inherited allergic constitution, and are fine until they go through a trauma, either emotionally or physically. After an emotional shock they may start e.g. with an allergic skin rash - urticaria,(nettle rash) or a dry irritating cough. If they are treated holistically or homoeopathically at this point the symptoms will go. If left untreated they may eventually go, if removed with drugs the shock may remain deep and chronic and will undermine the constitution often resulting in depression.

If a person has a seemingly physical symptom e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, they may be given steroids. Steroids are used to suppress inflammation and urticaria is often a secondary effect . In these cases it is usually stubbborn. And the patient ends up on cocktails of anti allergic drugs hydrocortisone or immune suppressants. Sometimes people have a rash at the site of an injury this may be the result of allergic response after an operation.

The more drugs put in to the body the weaker the immune system becomes.

The homoeopathic treatment for most allergies is to boost the immune system so that the body responds in a balanced way to previous allergens, because more the allergy has been interfered with the longer it takes to treat. The ideal is to go to your homoeopath as soon as you feel you have an allergy. Whether it is irritable bowel or a skin complaint you will probably find that it disappears miraculously.

Homoeopathic Hayfever tips:

With flu like symptoms try :Gelsemium

Allergy to tree pollen/grass polllen : Try tree pollen/grass pollen

With itchy sore eyes: Euphrasia

With itchy eyes, sore streaming nose: Allium Cepa

Itchy palate ears throat: Wyethia

Itchy ears throat nose: Arundo

By Carole Sanders RSHom
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Author: RSHom

Biography: Experience in treating all types of allergies with homeopathic remedies.

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Allergies and hayfever
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