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Homeoapthy the route to success

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Homeopathy the route to success.

I felt it would be encouraging for anybody contemplating homeopathic treatment to write an article on cases that have been successfully treated using homeopathy.

These are a sample few of the patients I have treated over the last year or so

These patients have given their consent for me to print their stories and any names given are fictitious.

I have not given the name of the remedies as they are prescribed on the whole character of the patient as well as the presenting symptoms. In each instance cure happened dramatically and in most has been lasting. Each case was followed up three times over a period of 3-6 months and I have not seen the patient in the last 6 months or longer. I have used them as examples because they responded very quickly. In an ideal world I would like to see those patients 6 months later to monitor their progress and then one year on. But I find that patients naturally only come to see me when there is something wrong.

You may find that you can identify with some of these situations.

• A teenager R, came to see me because her relationship with her Mum was breaking down. She was angry with herself, she had dry skin which she felt was ugly and she felt rubbish about herself inside. It was an uncomfortable feeling as though she had done something wrong- she couldn't trust herself, she also felt guilty, was very weepy she had no self confidence and didn't like herself. Although she knew all of this she couldn't in herself change the way she felt. She felt she had no friends and knew she was mixing with the wrong people. She didn't want to be at school or bother to take her exams. She also had a strange fear of snakes.

When she came back only two weeks after taking her remedy her whole outlook on life had changed, her disposition was sunny again she said she felt herself and that she could trust herself. She had different friends had planned her future after exams and was getting on with her mum. The important thing was that uncomfortable feeling inside had gone. Her anger had decreased and confidence increased she no longer felt rubbish.

Car accident - B from Wincanton - (Who had glandular fever several years ago) - Had a car accident in January which shook her up so much that she was having flashbacks and she also had painful whiplash. Over the past year she had a tough time emotionally as a member of her family was dying. Two months after the car accident she developed a critical thyroid problem. She couldn't swallow because her thyroid was severely enlarged. She had severe loss of weight, strong palpitations, sweating and weakness. She was prescribed a remedy based on the shock from the accident and within a week she was more able to swallow and over a period of 6 weeks her thyroid regulated itself again and all symptoms disappeared. She did not need to go on any long term medication.

Behavioural problems in a 3 year old with glue ear chesty colds and eczema. J, from Sturminster Newton - was awkward stubborn and hard work from 10 weeks old, before that he was an angel. He was unpredictable and couldn't be reasoned with. He was nasty and would scream kick and bite. His behaviour improved if he was given attention. He controlled his mother he ruined nice days. He disturbed the family dynamics so that everyone was upset and angry. His right ear was always blocked and he had a constantly runny nose and eczema. He was prescribed a remedy which was repeated 3 times over a period of 3 months. During this time his eczema came out very badly which we did not interfere with as this was a healing reaction. He also had a bad cold. His behaviour improved substantially and the family became calmer and happy. I believe that the probable cause of his problems was vaccination. They started from 10 weeks old. Vaccination can compromise a child's immune system and shows typically as these symptoms both mentally and physically.

Allergy syndrome. Thank you to Tom from Blandford. He developed allergies when he was 14. At the time there were family problems which left him feeling isolated. He became severely allergic to cats (which he hated!) dust, pollens etc. Symptoms were like hayfever. He would have very runny itchy eyes, itchy skin and life was unendurable yet he was determined not to let it rule his life. He had two different remedies. The first worked for a week then his symptoms returned so I changed his remedy. Since this remedy his symptoms have improved by 90%.

Tooth Abscess - Thank you to A from Semley, for writing this "When I had an extremely painful tooth abscess recently everyone was advising me to take the antibiotics I had been prescribed, Carole gave me a homeopathic prescription which immediately helped and within three days the swelling and pain were almost gone. There are so many reasons to avoid taking antibiotics whenever possible and I was extremely grateful to Carole for her prescription. Homeopathy works."

• Twins after their first vaccination had a severe reaction. High fever and chest infection needing antibiotics. Since then they had chesty colds and eczema. Over a period of 1-2 years they were treated with the same remedy which always helped but never quite cleared up the eczema. At each vaccination we gave a remedy which helped prevent the severe reaction. The remedy which finally helped curatively was the potentised vaccination MMR.

Gastric flu. Thank you to S from Bath. "I started with a sore throat one morning and by the evening was exhausted had a headache and runny nose. The next day I had a deep aching all over and felt terribly terribly nauseous. By day three, I called Carole because I couldn't move for the deathly nausea, exhaustion and aching. I hadn't eaten for two days. She took my symptoms and wanted to know what made them better or worse. She was interested to know if anything had been going on in my life to upset me or before my symptoms had started. I couldn't think of anything. But then I remembered that the day before this started I had been playing tennis in an icy wind, had got very sweaty then thoroughly chilled and I couldn't get warm later that day.

Carole explained that we can develop symptoms when our bodies are exposed to extreme conditions like this. I had a remedy prescribed and took three doses. One dose at bedtime, another in the middle of the night when I woke and another in the morning. By this time my nausea had gone. As the day went on I started to feel much better. My headache went; my nose dried up and cleared. The exhaustion and constant aching improved by the hour. By five o clock that afternoon I found it hard to believe that I'd been ill at all! That evening I had an important meeting to attend which, the previous day, I thought I would have to miss. In the event I went to the meeting and then even went to the pub afterwards with everyone and stayed up until 11pm. "A truly homeopathic cure."

By Carole Sanders RSHom Registered with the Society of Homeopaths
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Carole Sanders RSHom  Registered with the Society of Homeopaths

Author: Registered with the Society of Homeopaths

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