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Homoeopathy is energy medicine, it is a very gentle medicine and is said to have no side effects as there is no physical substance in the remedies. As it treats the whole person, babies and children respond very well to it. As it's known for its 'safe' reputation, pregnant mothers are known to use it quite frequently as well. It works because it looks past your symptoms and listens to you and what you are saying. To help explain what is wrong, Homoeopathy could help your immune system cure your symptoms.


Energy Medicine

Homoeopathic medicine, by a special process of attenuation or dilution, is able to use the vital energy from any substance at all - from plants to animals, to metals to minerals, to the sun and moon and even to music.

In Homoeopathy we then look at the differing characteristics from these substances. For example plants have different likes and dislikes, some like it hot, some like it shady or damp. This helps to make them flower seed and survive as a species. Plants are very sensitive and feel a lot - so do plant people. Many people have heard of Arnica, the flower which grows at the foot of a mountain. It is told to be very good for bruises and accident trauma i.e. falling down a mountain! Nature is kind and supplies us with all our needs.


In Homoeopathy the essential characteristics of the individual person who needs treating are then matched with similar characteristics from one of these individual substances. This is called "like cures like"


Like Cures Like


A classic example of this "like cures like" is the prescription of Allium Cepa (onion) to cure a cold or Hayfever. If you peel an onion you may develop watery eyes, sneeze with discomfort and a woolly head, all symptoms like Hayfever or a cold. If your cold or Hayfever symptoms exactly match the symptoms produced from peeling an onion this remedy will cure you.


Why Energy Medicine?


When we have physical, mental or emotional symptoms our vitality is low and has allowed illness to come in - "the defences are down". This is because we are out of balance or even suffering on an emotional (or energetic) level. This energy depletion needs energy to stimulate a return to health. How often do you hear people say they have no energy or they are depressed?


How do I use Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is used in many guises but the best and most dramatic results come from classical Homoeopathic treatment when the person's characteristics are matched with a remedy. This process involves a consultation with your Homoeopath. The first can take 1-2 hours as your Homoeopath tries to understand exactly what your inner disturbance or imbalance is. The result from one dose of a Homoeopathic remedy when prescribed like this can be life changing. You will feel empowered to fulfil your life's purpose as your energy and confidence are increased. As you deal with your past and present life situation your physical symptoms will disappear and you will be able to move on from being stuck and in pain either emotional or physical. A patient once described it as "archiving all her old files."


Your Remedy


Each remedy is carefully selected and then prescribed for you, not for your physical symptoms. A remedy may often be selected on the basis of your physical and emotional reaction to a traumatic situation. For example if you have car accident and have headaches since then, it is the trauma of the accident which needs treating before the headaches will go away.


Downloading Symptoms - Our Biography Becomes Our Biology.


All physical symptoms, whether they are pathological (with tissue changes) or functional (stress related), result from our feelings and how we experience life. When you see your Homoeopath you will realise from your consultation how true this is (often we do not want to admit this!) and that the illness has not just landed on you for no reason at all it has landed because you are vulnerable and often this physical illness if it is acute (like a cold or flu) will just ease you out of the situation. For a while giving you time to rest and recuperate and then be are able to cope again mentally. If you treat your flu or cold Homoeopathically you will get better much quicker as all your symptoms are taken into account including how you felt before you were ill. Downloading is shown when we blush - this is a direct result of acute embarrassment or discomfort in front of other people.



Our body is very clever and knows that we cannot sustain high stress levels for to long without the mind giving in. Thus mental illness is the most disabling form of illness as we cannot communicate properly or function properly in the world as our perception of the world changes. So the mind, to protect itself, downloads symptoms to the physical body.


Once you have a physical symptom you have a reason to go to the doctor or hopefully, now your Homoeopath. Before this you know something is wrong but you cannot put your finger on it, so don't feel able to go to a professional for help. However at this time you could go to your Homoeopath who would be able to listen to how you are feeling and treat you before you have physical symptoms. Too often we wait until we are in physical pain having ignored the emotional pain.


However, once we have physical pain it is easier to go to a doctor and say "I have a terrible pain in the back", the doctor will question and advise further. At this point the back pain is treated but the support the person desperately needs isn't. (It will only go as deep as the pain killers).


If you go to a Homoeopath you can explain about your situation and then perhaps unravel what is the source of the pain. It is likely in the instance of back pain that someone is in such desperate need for some support and that their main body support (their back) is saying it cannot take the strain any longer.


Back pain often occurs when a person's support is lost - for example when a much loved relative or partner has died or left. In this instance too, migraines often occur. This understanding of the situation may help your healing because you have been listened to - but it may not help your pain at all, until you are prescribed a remedy to match your symptoms.


When the Homoeopath hears your story, she or he will be able to prescribe a remedy that will either enable you to find/ask for support or to take on the stress in a different way. You will find that you are empowered to change your life and may often feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Your pain will disappear or improve enormously.


It is very difficult to explain the feeling experienced after a good remedy. People are often on an energy high at first and then settle down to a level where they can manage their lives to their best advantage. The best way to experience this is to try Homoeopathy! Even if you feel there is nothing wrong with you can benefit from it to maintain good health.


Homoeopathic remedies are very powerful substances and much like a doctor your Homoeopath has to undergo 4-5 years of structured training and assessment to be able to prescribe accurately. Homoeopathy can deal with pathology as it looks at the individual person not the illness, so all diseases could possibly be helped with Homoeopathy to the extent that it is possible for that person.


Each person's expectation of Homoeopathy will be different and generally expectation is matched by the right improvement and time frame. However, sometimes your improvement can be beyond expectation and a quick and extraordinary process if the remedy picture is clear but often these days the picture is not so clear so you may have to be patient. I always ask patients to see me three times even if they are feeling good, just to ensure that there has been a fundamental change in their constitution that will last.


People often come back for a booster remedy every 6 months or when they feel a bit stuck in their life. The remedy can give them the required energy to create a change. If you see a Homoeopath please ensure that they belong to a registered body such as the Society of Homoeopaths or HMA.



By Carole Sanders RSHom
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


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