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How Homeopathy works - in a nutshell
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Explaining  homeopathy ............in a nutshell 

Homeopathy is a way of thinking and way of life for most homeopaths.

There are things I take for granted as being part of "homeopathy" and I've realised that to communicate this I need to explain it in a non homeopathic way.  I wonder if this lack of proper explanation by homeopaths contributes to the confusion about and vilification of homeopathy.

There is one very important point which is incorrectly believed, a point that specifically undermines the concept of homeopathy.

Do you believe homeopathy is about the "homeopathic" remedies you can buy?

Some people believe they can just buy a remedy for"this problem" or "that problem". They believe it is the remedy that makes them better rather than the homeopathic prescription.  If it was so simple, you could just go and buy a remedy for a generic ailment e.g. bruises, cuts, bites anxiety etc that is not homeopathy.  That is allopathy. (Conventional medicine)

There is a problem with this belief: If, when they take their homeopathic remedy the cure is not forthcoming people become disillusioned and homeopathy gets a bad name.

What is homeopathy? 

I am frequently  asked "what is the remedy for? What will the remedy do?"  My answer is always the same "it is for you - the remedy will stimulate your body to react and you will  get better".

Essentially, the remedies prescribed on your individual symptoms cause a reaction, which cures you. Thinking that it is the remedy that cures is allopathic - like the aspirin cures the headache.

The key to understanding hoemoapthy is that.........."A remedy only becomes homeopathic when it scientifically matches the symptoms of the patient it is the art of prescribing that makes it homeopathic".

Homeopathy - Dispelling the myths

The key is to understanding homeopathy  is that it's not the remedy making you better, it's the prescription. The remedy only becomes homeopathic when it matches your symptoms. The remedies prescribed on your individual symptoms cause a reaction, which cures you. Thinking that it is the remedy that cures is allopathic - like the aspirin cures the headache.

The myth about Arnica.  "Arnica is good for bruises". The key to Arnica is .......Arnica will stimulate the healing needed when in shock. The first statement  is allopathic thinking the second homeopathic.

Yes, Arnica does have an affinity for the muscles and blood BUT it is a number one remedy for shock with its own individual characteristics and this is the key to Arnica AND it will only work if it matches your symptoms.

"Echinacea helps ward off colds" Echinacea works for those who have symptoms of Echinacea. And the same goes for anything else which you take.

The effect these misunderstandings have on the integrity of homeopathic medicine and its standing in the world perpetuate the myth that homeopathy is just placebo. 

Because of the myth about Arnica and Echinacea people actually believe* they will work. Maybe they do.  Maybe they don't. Maybe it doesn't matter. Believing in it may well take you through a difficult time but the reality is may be it has done nothing. The danger is when it doesn't work faith has been lost in homeopathy itself.

 The reason this understanding is so important is that when  we need to heal a serious problem it is vital that the remedy is prescribed homoeopathically and only then can the reaction cause the cure needed for that person.  This is homeopathic treatment.

Another myth about homeopathy is that you "have to believe in it for it to work"

To my knowledge my cat has never told me that he believes in homeopathy!  When he gets better it is because he has been prescribed a remedy that matches his symptoms.

Come to one of my "magic of homeopathy" courses for beginners and learn how homeopathy works.

By Carole Sanders RSHom
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Carole Sanders RSHom


Biography: I have been practising homeopathic medicine for nearly 20 years and gained have a great deal of experience of homeopathy and insight inot the human heart and soul. My practice has grown mainly on rcomendations from happy patients. I have also trained as a counsellor supervisor and mentor. I currently run homeopathic courses for beginners.

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