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What Is the Root Chakra & How Can It Benefit Your Mental Health
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Chakras are energy centers within human beings that create energy, store vitality, and help balance physical, emotional, and mental health. There are seven main chakras that correspond in color and position to the visual rainbow in the light spectrum. Of great importance in this chakra system is the Root Chakra, also known as the red or Earth chakra. This is located at the base of the spine, just below the hip bones and aligns our bodies to the Earthly grounding energies. It can be of great assistance in balancing out various issues surrounding personal physical illness and mental health.

What Makes the Root Chakra So Important?

Essentially, the Root chakra is related to all physical, spiritual, and mental energies that we manifest in our lives. It can impact our physical health, while simultaneously having effects on our personal lives, relationships, and sexuality. It is also the energy center most closely related to our human reproductive energies, so it will manifest energies related to people, relationships, friends, and family in a very direct sense.

How the Root Chakra Impacts Individual Mental Health

Each individual will experience different problems, as manifested physically or mentally by root chakra energies that remain unbalanced. Being unbalanced means being ungrounded, much like the term means in the study of electricity. Ungrounded energy is able to remain active, but it runs as a high and unrestricted level that can become dangerous and often causes unwanted reaction in the environment surrounding it. This is true of individuals that have unbalanced root chakra energies.

Being so highly ungrounded means that the person is being overrun with material based energy, but also their lower red energy is running the show. Since the root chakra is at the base of the spine, it rules over sexual genital energies. Literally such an ungrounded person is using all their energy in their lower extremities, instead of using their head. This obviously is inclined to cause all sorts of mental and sexual health issues. In the reverse aspect, a well-grounded root chakra aligns all the other energy centers and creates an alignment between the sexual and higher energies. So in reverse application, the root chakra grounded and balanced creates great benefit to the individual’s mental health.

Other Problems Caused by Unbalanced Energies within the Root Chakra Center

Root chakra energy is related to material finances, success, and of course money. An unbalanced root chakra state, make it hard to maintain stability in life, keeping a home, paying off debts, and will impact all materialistic aspects of the personal life. This means that emotional states engaging fear, rage, anger, and jealousy are more easily provoked. Overwhelming emotions and mental stress are common, when the root chakra remains unbalanced for long periods of time.

Balance within the root chakra is typically caused, but the energy center being overtaxed. Meaning when it doesn’t get sufficient energy to replenish itself, this manifests as a blockage of energy, followed by a misalignment and imbalanced state to manifest itself, and all the aforementioned things become more possible in turn.

Keeping Balance and Grounding Is the Key to Root Chakra Energy

“The Root Chakra is the chakra that roots you to earth energy. It is grounding and supporting. All the basic necessities to live...your right for nourishment, your right to warmth and shelter, your right to be loved, your right to belong, reside in the root chakra,” according to professionals within the holistic industries marketing essential oils for root chakra work today.

It is the grounding mechanism that connects us to our deepest and our most essential internal forces, those that tie us both to the material and spiritual world. Without the root chakra, our energies would be scattered as human beings. Because keeping ourselves grounded is an important component in balancing life force, personal ego, and internal power, so that we can live healthy and productive lives.

By Hannah Whittenly
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.


Biography: Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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