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What is Journey Therapy?

The Journey is a therapy designed to deal with the elimination of painful emotions hidden within the body. Only then, can a sense of well-being at the core of human life be restored or reclaimed.

Come Alive: Get Your Life Going Again

take controlWe all need to get back that feeling of being in control of our health and feeling good about ourselves and our lives. To do this, we need to get our energy back in balance.

It's in the Ether

It's in the Ether "As a whole being, the human body resonates to a broad spectrum of etheric frequencies. If the human being is healthy, these frequencies are in perfect harmony to one another.

House Healing

What is House Healing? House healing is a method of working with the energies in and around your home, or workplace, to provide you with a safe, healthy and happy place to be.


Dowsing – the word perhaps conjures up lone people with funny rods in bleak fields, searching for water; or perhaps it sounds a bit medieval and the sort of activity which might have led to the ducking stool or the stake if practised! However dowsing is nothing magical or weird, we all do it all the time, and if we could interpret these signals, which normally go unnoticed, there would be a mine of priceless, personal, general, specific and practical information we could use for all sorts of purposes.

Energy - The River of Life

We are each filled with universal life force energy. As the flow of life force energy moves through the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, it can become imbalanced, stagnant, or blocked.

What is Bio-Energy Therapy?

What is Bio-Energy Therapy? Bio-energy Therapy is a safe, non-invasive and highly effective form of energy medicine. It is termed "bio-energy" - the energy of life.

What exactly is Dis-ease?

Ever have the feeling that dis-ease is controlling your life? Perhaps it's not even a chronic illness. Do you harbor anger, resentment, frustration? Maybe it's just me and I'm talking to myself, but I've let all of these rule my life at some point.

What is Prana Therapy?

"You ought not to heal the body without the soul for this is the great error of our day in treating the human body"  Plato was one of the greatest philosophers in history.

Life Alignment – a new energy medicine

Energy  and The BodyAlthough our senses tell us we live in a world of matter and solid objects, modern science has confirmed what mystics have known for millennia, that we exist in a sea of energy.

Influenced by Influenza

During the holiday season congestion is at it's peak, more so than any other time of the year. The malls become filled with masses of people, street traffic and airports, postal service, so much is going on during the holiday months that we can't help but become influenced by influenza.

SCIO/QCXI/EPFX Electro Physicolgical Feedback System

We hear a lot about energetic medicine – so what is it?  One aspect of energetic medicine is when you look at how your body resonates or vibrates and how this balance could affect your general well being.

EMFs Affect on Biological Systems

What Are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), and How Do They Affect The Biological System?The discovery of Free Energy and its astonishing potential began with the revolutionary inventions of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943).


Ancient teachings have shown that Astrology holds the key to a more complete understanding of nature and the 'human condition.Some of the greatest minds of our era, including Galileo, Copernicus, Leonardo Da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton have studied the subject.

Light Therapy - Not just for Winter

Light therapy has been used for more than two decades to treat circadian rhythm (body clock) disorders. Every living thing has an internal clock that tells it when it is time to be asleep and when it is time to be awake.

Kirlian Photography - Aura

Kirlian Photography is back! and your 'aura'Hum Forest Clinic is pleased to announce the arrival of the latest most practical form of kirlian photography known as GDV ANALYSIS device from Russia.

Fibromyalgia: A Message To You?

From what I have learned from my experience over the years is that energetically, I believe that those who suffer this, as still "holding" pain, which over time, has manifested in fibromyalgia.

A Conscious Therapeutic Experience

      You are like an onion composed of layer upon layer of thoughts. If you are diagnosed with one type of illness, or an accumulation of distorted thoughts, chances are there is another illness lingering right underneath it.

Hidden Doors of Thought

Medicine is the physical manifestation of what the physical body is lacking in thought. Regardless of your illness whether it be a mild headache or a form of a more serious disease, when you are ill your body is reacting to your thought process.

Tibetan Bowls Enhance and Compliment Your Yoga Practice

Yoga means union with the divine. Its focus is achieving a state of highest spiritual insight and tranquility through the practice of body positions (asanas), specialized breathing patterns and a centering of the mind.

The Energetic Continuum

In quantum physics, the energy that fills the cosmos is called "Zero-Point Energy." It is formless, moves beyond light speed, and is omnipresent.

My Headaches were debilitating - all I wanted to do was thrash out

‘My Headaches were debilitating...all I wanted to do was thrash out'In May 2007 having had 2 brain tumours removed Trudy commenced a series of 16 RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Sessions with its founder Michael Cohen at his London Clinic.

‘I sit on the bus and look for vantage points to jump from’

Sarah*, a client who was diagnosed with Clinical Bi-Polar Depression turned round during her RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Treatment session and said:"There was something small I forgot to mention.

Bioenergy Healing Treatment helped me overcome 14 years of debilitating food intolerances

Michael Cohen experienced 14 years of debilitating digestive symptoms as well as the psychological mind games associated. He had intolerances to 16 different food types as well as being hyper sensitive to chemicals, smells and pollution.

Aura Chelation For Cancer Patients

         What exactly is Aura Chelation? Aura Chelation is a hands on healing technique that clears the human aura or energy field on several different energy levels allowing a Cancer patient to experience a great deal of lightness, inner peace, and actually be pain free.

Feeling Your Transitions

       Transition is not an easy thing to do, and yet we find ourselves doing it over and over again through out the course of a lifetime.

An Environmental You

In Energy Healing each person is treated as a mini universe. Each person is unique and different as being an individualized universe evolving at ones' own individual pace.

Are you Energy Conscious?

      In today's busy world just diet and exercise is not enough for individuals who carry with them layer upon layer of consciousness that prevents them from tapping into their own inner source of healing.

‘Stuck… I just couldn’t move forward’

"When I came for treatment I was unable to see any way out of my current situation. Since working with Michael the way forward has been clear and obvious.

Is Brain Surgery the Cure for Depression?

Is this the solution? Ask yourself, should brain surgery be used on non-life threatening illnesses? Surely it is imperative that all non-invasive options must be considered in the first instance.

An Un Costly Budget For Better Health and Wellbeing

      We are living in a time of great need to understand ourselves on a deeper level of awareness. Now is the time for society to reach within and grasp it's natural resources found in the self.

How do I prepare for an Energy Healing Session?

       Energy Healing is being offered more and more into society as a natural form of healing. There are allot of different articles and books that explain just what Energy Healing is.

You are the Source of Awareness

     What the world needs now, is massage, sweet massage. No not just for some, but for everyone....... Why?      Because your body is awareness.

The Light Of Freedom

Once upon a time there was a magnificent golden vibrant light that radiated from one end of the universe to the next. It engulfed all creation from plants to humans and promised to fulfill any desire that was held in the highest regard.

Healing through the Heart

           Gallstones. I have heard about them through different sources but I never really had an opportunity to actually work with someone who was experiencing the horrific after effects of having her gallstones removed through surgery.

Healthy, effective communication

It's the era of Internet and we can talk in seconds with someone on the other side of the planet, but there's never been a time of deeper isolation than this one.

What Are Flower and Vibrational Essences

FLOWER & VIBRATIONAL ESSENCESFlower and Vibrational essences or remedies as they are sometimes known come in many forms. The most famous of these are Bach Flower Remedies which were first prepared by Dr Bach (pronounced "Batch") in the 1930s.

Overcoming Acute Anxiety & Depression with Bioenergy Healing

When Brenda* walked through the door of the Bioenergy Healing Clinic in August 2007 she was shaking from the tremor that engulfed her entire body.

The Dangers Of Mobile Phone Radiation & Wireless Technology

Mobile, Portable, Cordless and Cell phones, and Wireless (WiFi) Internet Technology give off the most aggressive form of electromagnetic radiation known to man, because interferes with subtle invisible brain waves and is damaging to the DNA in our body cells.

The Dharma Of Sound Healing with Himalayan Bowls

Music has always been recognized as having a powerful effect on human consciousness. But in the past few years, there has been more research into the science of sound, and how sound can be used to improve our lives.

Overcoming Debilitating Depression with Bioenergy Healing

The statistics for mental health problems in the UK are alarming. 300 people out of 1,000 will experience mental health problems this year in Britain, of which mixed anxiety & depression is the most common[1].

Journey To Oneness & Enlightenment

In August 2004 a friend of mine told me about attending an Enlightenment workshop. I had no idea what this was about, but something told me that I needed to attend.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Years ago, while working as an engineer in Boston, I received acupuncture treatments focused on reducing the high level of stress in my life.

Pressing the Reset Button - Review on Bioenergy Healing

Six years after her first encounter with Bioenergy healing, Tania Ahsan meets founder Michael Cohen again to find out how his technique has developed.

Bio-Resonance energy medicine

Bio-Resonance energy medicine in general, and the e-Lybra specifically, are today’s most advanced and effective technology designed to assist with self healing by bringing balance and harmony to our body and bio-fields when we are experiencing sickness or pain, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Health Care and Understanding Self

    Energy is omni present. It is manifested all around us as being the outer reflection of inner creation. Imagine that all medicines and technologies were once insights that along with accumulated energy consciousness eventually manifested into matter.

‘Pain in the neck’!

We have all experienced this dilemma and the worst time can be waking up in the morning with a stiff neck which speaks of ‘pillow issues'.

Cold Weather Mood Shock: Avoid the Winter Blues

This year's deep freeze sets the stage for a long and potentially difficult winter. On the eating side, the cold triggers "hibernation metabolism" and the desire to eat more sweet food.

What Is Kinergetics Kinesiology & TMJ Jaw Pain Relief Energy Healing Self Healing Treatment?

I am often asked "What is the difference is between Kinergetics and Kinesiology?" Well, Kinergetics is Kinesiology - but another modality or type of Kinesiology.

Finding The EmoTional Cause of Disease

Finding the Emotional Causes of Disease Our emotions arise as part of our human response to life experiences. How we respond to life can also have a direct cause and effect relationship with the onset and progression of physical symptoms and disease.

Have you tried the Alternatives for your health ?

When it comes to your health, do you provide your body with the right conditions to enable it to be self healing ? Is your health on the top of your to do list ? If you don't take time for your health now, then you will have to take time for illness later! Learn Reiki TODAY.

EmoTrance Helps Coping With Loss

EmoTrance easing the pain of loss ...One of my past clients emailed me to say her husband had died last week after a rapid decline in health from cancer which had metastasised.

Can A Mind Body Spirit Detox Help Mental Health And Healing?

According to the author, international trainer in the field of energy psychology,  mental emotional and spiritual health is all one and the same, and dis-ease or disturbance in any of these levels can cause physical pains and symptoms in the body too.

Bach Flower Remedies

The use of wild flowers in holistic therapy was discovered by a Harley Street physician Dr Edward Bach, he outlined a system of using 38 Flower Remedies to help in health and wellbeing.

Tis’ the season to Ponder…

And Christmas day is upon us. Presents have been given, received and opened. Wrapping paper may adorn the floors of your home. If you have children there is a good chance that they will be making lots of noise playing with their new toys.

Clutter Clear your clothing

Clutter clear? What is clutter clearing? Clutter clearing can be anything from removing obvious clutter from a room to changing decorative elements to produce positive energy.

Testing For Noxious Energies & Their Effects On Your Health How To Test Orgonium Orgone Energy Products

We are constantly been asked how to test whether our Orgonium Orgone Energy products are harmonizing and neutralizing everything that we say they are.

Demand and Supply in the Food Industry

     Go and look around with full awareness in a Supermarket or any other type of business, which is selling the normal food, many people eat today.

Treating Allergies and Energy Toxins with Energy Psychology

Energy Toxins. I am sure that is a new term for some of you. Everyone understands the usual connotations of the word toxin; something that is toxic to your health.

Combat PTSD is NOT Forever

The American military provides the finest training and has the most sophisticated weapons in the world, and the men and women who serve in our armed forces know that personal sacrifice is inherent in the job of service to country.

Simple TIps To Maintain High Energy Levels All Day

These days it is a very common thing for a large majority of people to feel starved by 3 in the afternoon and fall asleep in front of the computer screen by the time the clock strikes at 4 o clock.

Transcendental Healing: How Can Eastern Medicine Benefit Your Health?

Modern medicine has seen a lot of breakthroughs in recent years, but there is still something to be said about the benefits of traditional Eastern medicine.

4 Simple Ways to Stay Energized and Focused Throughout Your Week

<p>Can you relate to this scenario? You look forward to the upcoming week, thinking that this time, things will be different. You're going to get through the work and/or schoolwork with flying colors and be on the course to achieve what you know you can achieve.

Attributes of the Seven Main Chakras

Indian Yoga has seven centers of energy in the body.   The base or first chakra is located at the base of the spine, associated with anything of a material nature, including physical strength, structures, possessions and survival.

3 Ways To Boost Your Energy In An Hour

If your eyes are starting to feel heavy or full of sand as the afternoon wears on, then you’re most likely suffering from low energy levels.

Electronic Visit: How Online Doctor Visits Encourage Health

Online consultations with doctors are getting a lot of traction as of late. Health-conscious individuals everywhere are starting to turn to them, and understandably so.

8 Key Benefits Of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12is an essential vitamin that is necessary in a number of bodily functions such as forming healthy red blood cells and DNA synthesis as well as ensuring nerve cell health and optimal neurological function.

2020 New Resolutions and Confidence Building

It’s a New Year and often many consider this time of the year to be refocused and committed to do better and to become a better person, to be energized and to make a difference not only in your life, but to be a better force of good in the lives of others.

Stay Healthy and Energized with Liposomal Booster ? What You Need to Know

Staying healthy and energized is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle. With the fast-paced life, it can be a struggle to match up with the demands of daily activities and maintain good health.

What is ?

Lifechanges Through Emotional Clearance, energy therapy, emotional freedom technique

What is Lifechanges through Emotional Clearance?Lifechanges through Emotional Clearance is  a simple process introduced by Anne Pether and Katharine Walmsley.

What Is Tachyon Energy?

According to quantum physics, the material universe is nothing more than a very dense form of energy. Everything that exists in this universe, from the most subtle, refined realms of energetic structures, to the grossest, densest realms of matter, is aligned in an energy continuum.

What is Bio Energy Healing?

Bioenergy Healing is a dynamic treatment that uses hands-on and hands-off techniques to scan your body's electrical circuitry system. These unique techniques can access and positively affect your body's physiological and psychological systems ability to function on an enhanced level.

Universal Whitetime Healing

An Introduction There is so much that can be said about this subject, for it is so vast and there's so many other subjects that Whitetime connects with, that it would be impossible to explain it completely.

What is Energy Healing?

How is Energy Healing different to Reiki or Spiritual Healing? This is a question I have been asked many times, so I will offer an answer... All healing comes from the same universal consciousness that naturally moves towards health and well-being.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

A Brief History Of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT (as we shall now refer to it) has its origins way back over 5000 years ago, from the Ancient Chinese Shoalin and Taoist monasteries.

Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?Energy Healing focuses on regaining balance and alignment throughout the body's energy field. The body's energy field is called an Aura.

What Is Energy Awareness?

When you decide to go to Bali for your holiday, your knowing it'll be warm there probably influences your choice.When you decide to go it's because you believe you'll have a good time.

What Everyone Needs To Know About Orgone Energy & Schumann Resonance

What is Geopathic Stress? Geopathic Stress is when the vibrational rate of the Earth’s magnetic energies and underground water causes a lower vibration, which in turn creates stress to the human body.

Why Theta Healing and BodyTalk for Your Health and Personal Development?

Short Answer: They provide fast and lasting results with any disease, condition or problem that you may have. Longer Answer: In my opinion and experience Theta Healing and BodyTalk are the fastest and most effective healing modalities available on the planet today This may seem a high claim, so let me explain the reasons behind this statement Before I do let me say that I have nothing against other therapies or modalities, energy medicine or against modern medicine, and that I believe that every one of them has a place and is effective and has its use For example there is no substitute for a good massage, or a juice fast! And different people are attracted to different therapies.

Ignite Your Elemental Powers

Earth: Connected to the North, Earth is considered the ultimate feminine element. The Earth is fertile and stable, associated with the Goddess.

I have a Question

Is being sleepy in your genes?

A recent study suggests that people with specific genes are more likely to endure restless nights and be sleepy during the day. This study could explain why some people seem to have no problem living off a few hours of sleep for a continued amount of time and while others cannot function under restricted sleep.

News Articles

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

Matrix Reimprinting - Rewrite your Past and Transform your Future By Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby Published by Hay House.Over the last few decades a group of ‘super-techniques’ have emerged and are increasingly gaining in popularity.

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