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All You Need to Know About Bariatric Examination Tables
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We often see that a doctor or physician is unable to perform the surgery or conduct basic medical examination because of unavailability of medical examination tables which is specifically made for patients so that they can get onto an examination table. Lack of medical examination table cause poor health care for a patient. Medical examination tables are used heavily these days by doctors in their clinics and hospitals to conduct paediatric examination or basic medical examination. By purchasing bariatric examination tables for your clinic you can improve your health care facilities provided to disable people.

Features of bariatric examination tables 

  • You can adjust the height of the table with remote control. In contrast with wheelchairs and scooters you will not able to adjust and life the table so easily and they also requires manual power to lift them.
  • These tables are considered best for pregnant ladies, people with disabilities and overweight people.
  • It can take weight up to 400lbs.
  • You can easily adjust handrails and side panels so that you will get ample amount of safety, balance and stability. 
  • You can easily maintain your posture by sitting on these tables.
  • There are bariatric tables that are motorized and that run on battery, these make it easier for the patients to recline or to hold their bodies in a proper position as and when needed. 

Which type of people can get benefit from bariatric examination tables? 

  • Mainly people having obesity disease can get numerous benefits from bariatric exam tables. Accessible weight scale is used to measure the weight by which a physician know about your BMI (body mass index) and if you have a very high BMI then you are at risk and it can further lead to cause diabetes, asthma or cancer.
  • The hydraulic system of the tables should be adjusted and checked as per requirements.
  • In this case a physician will recommend a bariatric surgery and for that a clinic should have bariatric examination table in which a patient have to sit or sleep as the case maybe. 

Types of bariatric examination tables

As we have already read that bariatric tables are specifically designed for the treatment of obesity disease and a people with obesity disease can improve his/her life by getting bariatric surgery. There are so many types of bariatric examination tables available in the market and some of them are as follows. 

Motorized bariatric examination table

If you are thinking about purchasing a motorized bariatric exam table then you need to know that these are specially designed for patients with disabilities, rehab patients and patients of old age. You can transform this chair into a wheel chair just by using simple adjustable tools. You can increase or decrease the height of the table with a remote control. If you buy a high quality stainless steel table with gradation then it will last long and you must also choose a non-bacterial surface and also a non-reflecting surface.   

Tilt bariatric examination table

This table is more flexible than the motorized bariatric table as you can tilt this table in 90 degrees. If you are a physician and handling an overweight person then you should surely buy this type of table to give him a comfortable experience and you can also load and unload him easily. There is no manual work requires and you just need to handle the tilt movement.

Now you can buy bariatric tables in a lot, from different online portals. You can choose the height of the bed, the trolley along with the override panels, the standby controllers and the safety keys that can block the motor systems during critical operations.

By Zac Ferry
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Zac Ferry


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