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How effective and safe is phenocal as a weight loss supplement
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Nowadays, more and more people are interested in using weight loss supplements. These are often presented in the form of pills, being recommended in conjunction with a weight loss diet and plenty of physical exercise. Popular weight loss pills have natural ingredients and target the problem from different perspectives.

Regardless of the brand, a weight loss pill works -

  • To suppress your appetite and thus offer a prolonged satiety sensation, despite eating fewer calories.
  •  Can favor the breakdown of food and allow you to reduce the overall intake of calories.
  • They increase the fat burning process, allowing you to lose weight from problem areas.

Here we review the most commonly spoken weight loss supplement Phenocal.

What is Phenocal?

Many people seek alternative methods, such as looking for best weight loss pills in the market, for help, being tired of diets that rarely seem to work or of false promises from low-quality products. Phenocal here comes into the action as an all-natural weight loss supplement, one that you can rely on to return to a healthy, slim figure. 

The supplement contains only clinically-tested ingredients, being safe to take by anyone. It can be used to suppress the appetite and no longer give into cravings, reducing portion sizes and the intake of calories. Phenocal supports the activation of the metabolism, allowing you to burn more fat and slim down effectively.

Why do people choose diet pills? They prefer these supplements when they have failed to achieve their weight loss goals with conventional methods. Of course, you can take Phenocal and make lifestyle changes as well; according to a new research you stand a higher chance of losing weight by following a healthy diet and working out.

How it works and effectiveness?

Phenocal is a highly effective supplement, one that addresses the weight loss problem from more than just one angle. It activates the metabolism, allowing you to lose excess weight and impress everyone with your slim figure.

Thanks to well-chosen ingredients, the supplement can also suppress the appetite and reduce the risk of cravings. Moreover, Phenocal can enhance the overall levels of energy, so that you can work out better and for longer periods.

The formula of Phenocal contains ingredients with potent properties, each of them capable of having an effect on the weight loss process.

  • Vitamin B1, for example, supports the transformation of carbs into usable energy, while vitamin B5 allows the body to absorb food more effectively.
  • Vitamin B6 supports general health and the weight loss process as a whole.
  • Vitamin B2, on the other hand, can promote the fat burning process and contribute to the activation of the metabolism. Vitamin B12[1] supports the body in using food more effectively, allowing you to burn more calories in the process.
  • Biotin supports the absorption of food and the weight loss process, while chromium reduces the risk of carb cravings.
  • The folic acid[2] enhances energy levels and Fucoxanthin boosts the metabolism, promoting the fat burning process. Glucomannan, a soluble fiber, ensures a prolonged satiety sensation.
  • The cocoa extract supports the weight loss process, by increasing the body’s core temperature and boosting energy levels.
  • Hoodia Gordonii, a natural remedy, suppresses the appetite and helps you eat smaller portions of food. The green tea[3] leaf extract boosts the metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories.
  • 5 HTP[4], also known as 5-hydroxyptophan, can boost the production and release of happiness hormones, preventing you from eating your feelings away. Bioperine guarantees the adequate absorption of other ingredients, while the conjugated linoleic acid ensures significant weight loss (especially in the abdominal area).

Recommended dosage

When taking a weight loss supplement, you should always follow the instructions. You should know that a bottle of Phenocal contains 150 capsules. As for the recommended dosage, you are to take three capsules, two times per day. Always take the pills with a tall glass of water, preferably right before breakfast and several hours after your afternoon meal.


There are no side-effects associated with Phenocal. Those who have used the weight supplement did not experience any unwanted symptoms, as the formula is 100% safe. However, if you have doubt about this supplement, you should check in with your family physician. The specialist can provide advice on this matter.

You can find an objective review of Phenocal in this article.

Other benefits & where to buy it

Did you know that Phenocal increases the metabolic rate by raising the core temperature of your body? The supplement can help you lose a lot of weight, especially in problem areas (thighs, abdomen, etc.). Phenocal eliminates the feelings of constant hunger, ensuring that you will feel satisfied despite eating less.

Phenocal increases overall energy levels, as it contains natural ingredients with stimulating properties. The supplement does not contain any harmful chemicals or addictive substances; it does not contain caffeine or other similar ingredients that might cause you to become shaky or jumpy.

The weight loss supplement can be purchased from manufacturer’s official website. A bottle is available at the price of $39.85, together with a free bottle of Super Green Tea Energizer and an exclusive 60-day money back guarantee. The Total Body Balance System is available at the price of $97.77, with free shipping.

You can also order three bottles of Phenocal, at the price of $119.62, for which you will also receive a free bottle of Super Green Tea Energizer and a 20% off coupon. Last, but not least, you can buy five bottles for $199.36, enjoying the free shipping, money back guarantee and the 25% off coupon.

Take home message

Phenocal is a weight loss supplement recommended to all those who are tired of failing to reach their weight loss goals. It delivers amazing results, especially when combined with a healthy diet and plenty of physical exercise. Phenocal contains only natural ingredients, so you can take it without worrying about your safety.

As you have seen, Phenocal can be purchased directly from the website of the manufacturer, where you will find the best prices. Do not hesitate to read the testimonials left by other satisfied customers and convince yourself of why this is the best supplement for your needs.

By Zac Ferry
All rights reserved. Any reproducing of this article must have the author name and all the links intact.

Zac Ferry


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