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Why You Need Vitamin D
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Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin that helps us function like normal. It works quietly, and we probably won't even think about it until we aren't getting enough. A lack of the vitamin can have long-lasting effects. That's why it's important to get vitamin D if we aren't getting enough. 

What is Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a nutrient. It's something naturally produced by our bodies. We need to contribute to our vitamin D intake as well with the things we eat and drink, though. This nutrient plays a role in the development of every cell. The nutrients help our bodies use the calcium we consume, keeping our bones strong. 

Vitamin D Deficiency
When we don't get enough vitamin D, our bodies can become affected in a very serious way. The first and most direct way a vitamin D deficiency will hurt you is by letting your bones weaken. This becomes increasingly important as we get older. Certain types of cancer, lung disease, and obesity have also been associated with vitamin D deficiency.

When the body doesn't digest food properly, it can be the cause of a vitamin D deficiency. If you have kidney disease, Chron's disease, celiac disease, or if you've had gastric bypass surgery, you will want to get your vitamin D levels checked. 

How to Get Vitamin D
We should get 600 - 4000 IU/day of calcium. There are plenty of ways to get the vitamin D you need. The first way is to go out and get some sun. When we soak up the sun, the body activates its vitamin D production. 
Another way is to ingest it in the things you eat and drink. There are a number of foods that are loaded with vitamin D:

  • milk
  • salmon
  • tuna
  • shrimp
  • eggs

Finally, if you're still not getting the vitamin D you need, you can take supplements to get it. There are a number of different products on the market to choose from that may even include other nutrients as well. 

The things we put into our body really make a difference in how our body will function. Be sure that you're getting everything you need, including vitamin D. Vitamin D will help keep your bones strong, so be sure to drink milk and take your vitamins. 

By Zac Ferry
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Zac Ferry


Biography: ZacFerry is a writer and he love to travel

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Why You Need Vitamin D

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